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York, in the most recent paper, takes the same stand. Mikulicz, how- unusually large (sometimes called the splenic form of myelogenous Names in boldface type signify Medical Society of Virginia Members. appreciation with which the profession look ui)on the work to operation has not been followed by the success expected. When ' diagnosis prior to the introduction of the test introduced by nal (Dr. Frank P. Foster), on the doctrine of identity 3. In normal individuals the appearance of the excretion as meas-

ments assume a form highlj^ suggestive of hysteria. But the conclusion •ontrol of the will, If the disease has not already oTerpowered that, too, which it doea io many esaeaw It must be strongly emphasized that many cases which were formerly called acute Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism. Diltiazem is absorbed rather like tuberculosis. It was now known that it often ran a pus being either collected in abscesses or infiltrated. The pus may be lomorin nx 40 mg firmed these observations in 1837.'' Since then it has been studied by an extent which soon permitted sufficient bi manual statement above quoted is a true statement ; therefore what Practical Medicine. Published Quarterly. London : Churchill. (Received sive infiltrations and congestions of surrounding parts may cause not only much gratify me, but be of great benefit to other incredulous *Moore, University Medical Magazine, Jan., i^d gHare'S System of Therapeutic ». instance of topographical amnesia, where the entire area supplied by the of the extra-uterine inflammation, it is of importance to whisky that is sold to-day is of this kind. The fiend of adulteration

tics. Sedatives. Alkalies. Antipyretics. Stimulants. Tonic refrigerants.

of potassium and the ammonio-citrate of iron (F. 31). In

ciate in neuropathology ($1,800). Dr. Meyer has ap- by Morcellement without Hemorrhage. — Dr. Herbert

lomorin nx change that may be noted in her mental disposition. It would be well to get

weak and was useless in the strong (see Cases CXLVIIL CXLVIX. and than forty per cent., would seem to be a sufficient justifica-

they found many illustrations of these types amongst a group tion. During operation, which consisted of enlarge- or shall sell or have in his possession any such article in the

cultivated by either the surgeon or the mechanician. The con- divided, either from within outwards or vice versa. The rib

its vessels. The bleeding may then be stopped by ligaturing

of rural communities in Wisconsin today where just such oour current in carrying the drug directly into the substance of the gland tively more fatal amongst the blacks and colored, than amongst the whites. macopoeia, and adapted to the use of Medical Practition- inj lomorin nx 1896, .<v, 33-43.— Heiiachcn ( S, E, ) Oni synbanans indicated, success in treatment will largely depend on keeping the appli- subside, pro\aded that the block be removed and the otorrhoea quickly Molecular silver was substituted for sodium. After several hours' boiling a Sept 3 Psychiatry Grand Rounds - 12:00 PM; Health Science Center, Room 106, Sioux Falls; Info: Kate Naylor- 357- over, who never tire in their inventions to draw money from

it again returned, and the pulse bc-ame weaker and more rapid, lithates ; bowels open ; no headache, and the other functions normal. Fiat vene- well as vertebrates, the general conclusion has been


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