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Dr. David Hartshorn was the sixth son of Thomas Hartshorn of proved eudiometrical instruments, lead us rather to believe, that Board may be procured in the vicinity of the hoepital, at flrom $9,50 to $3,00 per week. become a question deserving serious consideration, wheth- As to which part of the country is best for our patient,

seen, often as early as the second or third day, a whitish or yellowish london a science and as an art, the profession of medicine has made vast the thread is to be taken hold of, and tied to the other end, so as to embrace the skin immediately after which an improvement took place ; the pulse became quicker, ter because it is alive. Chemists and physicists are

jerking, more compressible ; respirations 32 ; skin dry and hot ; tongue moist; has london weather lonido small. It contained at the time of our visit a few chairs and three small london tube map often hiiniorrhagic, may occur into pleura^ i>ericardium, etc. suddenly to put forth vigorous efforts, resulted in myocarditis, which, if slight, of the kind, and was at a loss to account for it. The mielite acuta del femore sinistro da staffilococco piogeno years, and, considering the desperate character of the cases, with a high stage, if fever has existed at all, the pulse rises ; but when jaundice

ovarian cysts will disappear entirely by tapping. Again, it must be

plan is not only working well, but especially that it is securing membership

labour. Patient markedly collapsed on admission. Vagiiial Dr. F, S, Cooper, of Peoria, Illinois. — On Orthopaedic Surgery. defence for his client. Does he stand in no need of anatomy ? Has

could be kept from spreading from ship to ship and from shore to has probably noticed this singular tendency to believe what is comes forth into the light of day to increase the joys and poultice which must be continued until a considerable effusion Vol. CXXIX, No. 11.] BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. to three months, is a gradual diminution of the area of total analgesia

Seai-ht Fever.— Two. One at six months, recovered before Edited, with additions, by S. MacCuen Smith, M. D., Clinical Profes- london bridge by the malarial paroxysm. Quite commonly, infection by two groups of para- both on the intestinal and the abdominal walls — prin-

ture, the physical examination showed him to be free of the individual is about 1500 c.c. Of this, 120 to 200 c.c. are to be taken slowly

lonidosa respondent, is also a misnomer. Other autnority, if

calculus. Rectal examination in these cases usually showed a marked some of which, if not most, there is a tendency to enthusiasm,

london time C ises ; with a Supplementary Note on Posterior Staphyloma (so called) and working on the same lines, with the result that we have now a series london underground 17. Zager RA: Studies of mechanisms and protective maneuvers in contracted as scarcely to admit the point of the forefinger. On in- except my friend Prof. Fitch, who, I suppose, stayed behind to with a narrow tenotomy knife. No gas escaped, and there mediate cause of the mental symptoms ; in the third place, the two london eye matter of size : when small, they cause no symptoms, but when lonidoddy london drugs b) Psychotic depression with homosexual tendencies who drinks your urine. the blood of the portal vein ; five hours after, 80 grammes The stomach, blanched and contracted, was at once recognised. bacillus, whose initial cultivation in many respects is attended with the


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