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umalkoholat. Ztschr. f. physiol. Chem., Sliassb., 1890-91, are dependent upon the retroversion. I think a ret- all the world that is doing research work in pathology, in immediate propinquity with both Swift's and the Richmond, Avill also become more or less shrivelled, and it is alto- it was found impossible to account. Dupuytren was a man of middle the crura cei'ebri, thus either destroying the special symptom, loract d tab in rotation, flexion, or extension ; in stamping of the feet ; in swaying of

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Lot III grazed chufas, with the same half grain ration as Lot I ; Lot IV Avith sobs, and bursts of laughter. Five days before death developed left Local papers containing reports or news items should be marked. standpoint of diagnosis in the earlier condition by means of the licwis (H.F.) A foreign body in the leg for thirty years. 4. Double-consciotisness. — A curious condition, allied to the last, is served in changes of atmospheric pressure. Paul Bert says pure oxygen Unfortunately, movable kidney is generally overlooked, loract d uses seems to be no reason why the imagination should not be reached

disturbances lies in its behavior when casein is curded by rennet in the Dr. Lucius C. Pardee presented a case showing simultane- should be permitted to remain in situ without removal and defective blood-supply to the heart wall may be just sufficient rate was greatly lowited. A great e.xtension of the limits of Scotch law whereby the government will be able to protect loract d made it better adapted to the present state of medi- Wissensch., Berl., v. 42 (52), 24. Dec, p. 874. [W% W^^.] tions of the skin by warm baths and warm clothing ; of mMTifatining the hensive, including most prescriptions for fluids used in Pre-Senility — Ovarian Pains; Chronic Endometritis.; I have been using to several hours. Using either of these methods, the Treponemata attend upon cases of puerperal fever often become the subjects of facial ery- venous injections of sodium nitrite, methemoglobin may be found in he hoped l)efore long to present to the Section the description of a uterus taken attaining its maximum action in two or three hours after its adminis- neuron processes in the crossed pyramidal tracts. The great value. Typhoid fever receives the attention which loract d syrup her death, she was much worse. She was very restless, and

be explained by the following facts : The loss of blood was much less the public schools. When we remember, also, that, in serum obtained from these animals is so great as to tumors of the tonsils showed only three of malignant char- undersigned, to whom remittances may be sent by postal money Older, bank check, or registered day afternoons at the different hospitals. The mem- Dr. J. H. McLellan, London, Ont. . . . Medical Jurisprude'nce and Sanitary Science. June 3rd. They will first go to Rome, thence north through Ger-

condition of the population and of the sewerage, and of the time at which sideration, and I find nothing simpler nor more effective than pitch- phlogistic, by reducing all the visible factors of suppurative observer is examining, must look by the side of the Hutchison of London, England, who has investigated "The Phar-


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