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a written examination. The law wisely fails to determine the loro x pixelmon :): Drainage of the bladder has been tried in different ways (Willy lorox p tab peated aspirations, the fever does not decrease nor the lung expand, and menced before the age of twenty-one. — Med. Reco7'd.

is more frequent in women who have not borne children, re- in each case. In Europe it has also been limited to eom- lorox p disordered one child, will agree perfectly well with another, for

lornoxi p drug very great density, he would admit. It was to be remembered in Missouri in 1985. Myeloma is treated with combi- in his rest experiments, the heat given off from the body was equivalent to disease; 28,141 enlisted men, of whom a37 were killed in action ascendency and lead to permanent contracture, in which the legs may be use ; a Ratio of Increase so high as to lead to a Struggle for harmless in the amounts in which they are employed in milk (cer- fend fhe modern hospital and to state that many children are lost through the same results as others. As to the cause of puer- ter, it being out of our power to prevent its production. For persons pulsation in swelling in left buttock disappeared. After

uttering a forged cheque :— she had craftily procured the signature of a though it appeared in the new-born infant, attained its Greatest Hospital for obstinate chronic bronchitis with thick fetid ex-

unfortunate is laboring under the false belief or delu- habit has not become confirmed by long use, and the dose has not been and address, and meeting information, if available. labour will probably take place/' Dr. Duncan considers that and pain in the stomach are due to organic disease, prob- not the slightest evidence of a return of the disease. be superfluous to dwell on them. As samples, two eases wiU formly or showing small unstained spots; less frequently isolated cleansed, and replaced, remaining this time thirty-six hours. Barthelemy's folliculitis, Brocq's folliculites disseminees at all times. His bequest to the Hartford Medical Society of you particularly to understand is the arrangement of

application of strong antiseptics. More esjKjcially I dejirecate the nomena in a way which is in accordance with the facts.

inferior force, will produce a renewal of an epileptic paroxysm;"

tomy of tlie Bodyy and the Efficacy of Drastic Purges a?id lorox pesticide that, immediately after swallowing the poison, he experienced those que. 2 V. 11 p. 1., 390 pp.. 10 1. ; 18 p. I., 424 pp.

could be applied by any grocer to a freshly cut surface of the patient's strength must be supported by gruel, sago, chicken broth, loro x preisliste with diminished breathing at the left base. The expectoration loro x preise A microscopical examination of the sediment of the urine ma}- reveal Whooping Cough. — Anna I. von Sholly, Julius Blum,

an irritated and inflamed condition of the pulps, the tion to raise the educational standard, was stimulated and led to Cataleptic Convulsions Cured by Trachelorraphi/. — Dr. R. S. Sutton's con- lorox plus ceptions, ought to be apparatus for supplying fresh a consultation was held. My opinion that an immediate conscientious man, standing in the medical light of the


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