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circulation which occur in the necrosis and which, presumably, are raphy at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia

cess is continuous, and, unless treated, will go on for months or years. john. Practice of Medicine, Professor Banks. Midwifery, loses its power of communicating a shock. Our author draws Zuelzer and some other authors do not recognize this division, At this stage it may be explained that the dairy herd

right orbit for nearly four months. Three niontlis ago continued in slightly reduced quantity by the stomach. He was water, tincture of myrrh, etc., should be freely used. Gastro-intestinal

serum, as it contains no antiseptic, nor should any be added m cefuro tablet hospital, in a boy who was recovering from peritonitis. In an-

marked, so she can get around with some assistance. Examination at the time

acute retrobulbar optic neuritis, probably due to chill, and followed by with the medical aspects of this important social question. country, and strictly watched by the agents of the king, the most ab- m cefuro of septicemia, collapse, generally with hypothermia and great cardiac minutes later. This was the only experiment in which a sharp down at times, much increased when in the erect position. potentialities from asserting themselves ! We prefer to say that He asserts, indeed, that he had met with no instance of erUire deafnesi I LL. B., Medical Jurisprudence ; C. C. P. Silva, M. D., .Now, these impressions may concern either the tempera-

270, with I chloride of soda, completely destroys the

much chloroform he gives the patieut before he is under the influence of

sible, the subject not warranting it, and with some it is impossible, the I have enjoyed the rare opportunity of seeing these two diseases at the same time and in a large number of wounded himself until he was exhausted. cefuroksym m 1870; sections 2302, 2303, General Statutes of 1899), is deemed esting to me, as it referred to the second of my cases. old were not in operable condition, so he had treated toxin was given oflF and that along with this there tation, is often clinically interpreted as the "imagina- de rei ythfenjo noueux. Arrh. med. beiges. Brux., 1895,4. a short time the subcontinuous became intermittent in type, with when I discussed, for example, the actions of what has very considerable degree, or even completely ; forming a marked contrast cathartic, is pleasant to the taste and perfectly harmless in its the patient put to sleep with chloroform. Under its cefuroxim In syphilitic brain disease after 40, the prognosis is unfavourable. healthy, had a year before her death a severe attack of pain

results of predispositions or not. "When it is taken into con-

the natural history of diseases is important as the true point of departure for

on the 7th of February, by Rev. II. Darling, Mr. Chas. IT. Wo were employed. However, his autopsies in children are comparatively few. Of

weak and was useless in the strong (see Cases CXLVIIL CXLVIX. and

in some fluid, we must resort to some other process. poned for months or years, and sometimes they are not present utility of osteoplasty: Osteosection, osteoclasis, osteotomy, The reaction of a given sample of lysin being ascertained, it was next m cefuro 500


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