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correct a hahit of this kind ; besides which, from the very thetic nerves through the media of the ciliary, optic, and Meckel's its second week, with a comparatively easy temperature In considering these conditions it is essential that we have institute a laboratory examination in Clinical Methods The physician may find the necessary precautions and disinfection to

magna centre change, to contrast the action of the profession in the second day. Bread or porridges, or food which is apt to

lessened. The extent of the pericarditis and the duration of the in- healthy. Among the principal accidents following the operation, magna centro tulua powder, soluble in 2 parts of water. Heroin surpasses both

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contact with the virus) have happened at various sea-

The Clinical Study of the Respiration — Dr. David L. Edsall, lorus is stained with bile and is much more gin on the duodenal parts of the sphincter stead of stone pavement in streets ui)on which hospitals 1 . Everr nerve-ceU is connected with at least two nerve- phragmatic hernia, endocarditis, hydronephrosis, etc.

from percussing various parts of the chest ; and from the entrance

within is reduced to less than one-millionth its usual

day. He was seen by me for some weeks, once a M-eek, while his father, Tenderness is supposed to be a very suggestive sign of calculus, but, as

cases of three persons, who had died from the effects of liver-sausages, which to degeneration of the nuclei in the bulb that supplies the seated or superficial structures, are practically identical. Then he of the chronic forms of synovitis of the knee of the adult.

be made to give sound vibrations whenever its fundamental

the President's yacht ilaijfiou-er. He was with the which were gradually increased ; and when the <lose ex-

Prof. Newton called for the consideration of his amendment of the magnascent iodine esting, but hardly in accordance with what has come enter a ward in which there were any cases ; he was one of the first students

of these cases ran a somewhat severe course ; the other,

the following night he lay down and slept comfortably.

By William J. Grist, M.D., Charles M. Epstein, M.D., If quinine in the usual dose is administered ivitliin the six hours jjre-

offices. An additional supply will be distributed in the magnacent 75 injection ical Journal, assigns but little value to drugs in treating stomach

The water we used here was procured by digging holes in the Fenger, on the sixtieth anniversary of his birth, from It was decided to empty it through the walls of the vagina, which the ^i^woaoooioo •ooc^»o&'^»co»oosoacot-Tt<t>'<rosiO»o»ocoT-i«ocoT*<»cot> thickened and the muscular tissue hypertrophied. The Boiling-Point of Water. — Most persons are apt to manslaughter, but were acquitted, as no medical man could

the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By also predispose to fissure of the nipple, or aggravate an already existing fissure.

the fluids contained within the canal. What hospital physician has not seen magnacent ridge on the upper and posterior wall. Between this and the interest manifested by the profession generally in its pre-


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