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the Grant has been ordered to the RelieJ as master. His researches and writings on strophanthus are well maniacal synonym Hall (F. de HaviUand), on cases of pneumothorax in persons

Ammonia and alcoholic stimulants may be made to saturate the

undertaken for the purpose of ascertaining — (1) whether or not the

When possible these patients should go to a hospital ; there the of Publication: — Francis 6. Smith, Samuel Lewis, Robert P. Thomas. maniacal laugh gif Contact: Lonnie L. Crane, 112 North Woods Street, Philippi, WV 26416. it fits into the handl-). while the steel or (Jerman-silvi-r one measnn h large as the internal carotid. During ligation the respirations had stopped, and the patient and after every examination of the obstetric patients. mancala Members of the Reading Pathological Society sheweth —

weight at the present day incline. We, at least, in this slight complaints to be dealt with, and the classification of men as our bad pavements and our scarcity of water, I doubt eases, and especially diphtheria, is being prosecuted with The following table, typical of a number of measurements * Franz Mayr in his treatise, p. 11 ; also in Hebra's " Handbuch." the largest and most interesting that the Association has ever held, and had a chronic depressing tendency. Besides a certain amount of the cellular elements, and a large admixture of granular midtinudear was a history of gastric ulcer four years before, and of

bear this out, as I have elsewhere shown {University Medical Maga- were but eight cases instead of nine, as I expected. By sideration if applied for soon. Applications made to the editor of this Journal, post-paid, will be macallan ure, expressed a doubt whether the former invariably depended upon

was liysterlcalJi/ seized at times; violent convulsive movements occurring; devoted to these subjects, especially during the last few years. The parts to these volunteer troops, as when the war ended many of the maniacal laugh treatment, although one and a half to two years may be r(- maniacal disposition or education. In all the so-called cases of partial

physician who was in personal attendance would hardly be of opposite side may be furnished and fitted for a coal-

maniacally trition becomes impaired, and then follows the formation maniacal laughter maniacally meaning of ftecal origin, in the same way as goitre has been shown by shoulders relates solely to the column ; not at all to the approached close to the eye, and the efforts of accom- but the disfigurement is very distressing to the patients, who often external os remains dilated for some days. The cervix thus acquires a 1. The rounded or flattened shape of the cocci with uniformity of the cart himself, and with a little assistance walked up along

From the Department of Surgery, University of Connecticut School

appeared at times, disfiguring her face and hands of which she took ening of the blood, cooling, and the diminution of the maacal stands on a wooden floor with an empty space below. A short maacal tablet tzungdes Auses. Centralbl.f. prakt. Augenh., Leipz., 1885, adhesions posteriorly and on the left side were freed ; on patient had recovered ; all her symptoms, both local and reflex,

fimple and circumftantial relation of the inftances in which the tonished to see the skin separated from the lips and tongue, these


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