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mention, on accout of its remarkable circumstances. A medi-
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and regulating interstate traffic in such goods. The
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within a degree as high as on the previous evening.
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be disregarded. The carmin solution is prepared in the following way: One gm.
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tion of the kidneys to eliminate ; and therefore over-
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divided by the latter, which is of denser structure, into mi-
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General aoooant. a. Extra-TMoalarprooesBes -in cartilage, in
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doubtful, and should be well considered before subjecting the patient
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from its efforts to get rid of the accumvilation of waste matter. The portal
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delicately stained, which the author should have carefully de-
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finger of the patient. When the disease is removed the fistula is to be
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sick-room dietaries or recipes for preparing them. It has been
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tested. Six cases were evaluated in a routine hospital labora-
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animals, but they found that the transplanted tissue disin-
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The visceral or involuntary muscles exhibit decidedly the per-
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1637 and settled in Lynn, Mass. Thomas's great grandson,
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tion of the really defective and stupid children into special
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there are no Medical schools in which the treatment of chronic
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prostate with inability to pass any urine, suprapubic cys-
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freely, both before and immediately after the operation, and that it was con-
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not be content to let nature take its course, seeing that it is
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water." Gunjah, the guaza of the London market, has but a faint taste,
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Quebec, both of whom were in tlie collapse of cholera
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micro-organisms, and that thus far it is the pathogenic
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would, as they always Ifad done, find a proper solution
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" After the operation the patient may usually consult
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blood-vessels. It is detrimental to the lower forms of life (protozoa),
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a neutral temperature, we obtained no excessive increases in the
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the hnS?'"'" ^hows the usual rostrum or conical head projection,
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XV, 566-570. — Roskani (A.) Le projet deloi siir la falsi-
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them away. Hypnotics and sedatives should in general
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practitioners, I am of the opinion that some changes should be made in the regulations,
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every child (Biggs). The tuberculosis death-rate is directly proportional
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is similar to that met with in other abscesses, and a distinct pyogenic mem-
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ending superficially ; at others, the gangrene penetrated
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In 4 Vols. Vol. II. Roy. Svo. Lippincott . . . .Net 21/-
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plunged into sleep. Prisoners, towards the revival of letters, knew
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due supply. Accordingly, we find the pulse small, the breathing veiy
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the name of Ferguson, at the nortli end of the town,
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caseH, of which 5!K) were fatal ; he investigated tho circum-
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transmission from cattle through cohabitation appears to take


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