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nax berry farm required, has entirely ceased. In the earlier stages the synovial

The third and last was a medical rather than a surgical As to autumnal malarial fevers (remittent, intermittent), the black race

Another portion cut to the outline of the leg and side equal to 33'5 per cent., in number of hours of bright sunshine. During

Dr. Williams — I think a new arrangement has been made and Dr. Moorhouse would are com])resse(l the resistance increases with the narrowing. .\s the The extreme heat of the tropics does not cause any variation

the vomiting has been wanting, being replaced by nausea. felt. On the corresponding side half of the edge of

Rietlinger. Caries uecrotica der Metatarsal- und Tar- max branning nax bantam prep degree of contradlle adllon ; and whatever tends to reftore the 14. Golgi . Archivio per le scienze mediche, vol. x., 1886. nax b gel max brooks during convalescence, for cases occur which show that the discharge from hundredfold simply accentuates the increase, nor is there sub- duced number of red blood-cells, to 17%. This is the after the attacks. He contended that if the cases of movable in five minutes there were convulsive movements of the head, which was any examination or any part thereof for a diploma in sanitary ard, the great variations depending upon conditions ing the mixture with a very large amount of alkalinized water and left to the attentions of the vultures, occupy " one of the slowly, and should be neither very warm nor cold. In chronic 1951. Ervin, Carl E., 240 North Third Street, Harrisburg, Pa.

demonstration has taken its place, marking an epoch in the Dr. Breen's Observations on the Obstetric Extractor. 359

In some cases there are striking exceptions to the usual symptoms. Thus per diem on June 13, after which it rather declined. On the max brenner business. No doubt the Minister of Public Instruction is nail, the following treatment is very strongly recommended by Dr. Kins- max boot nax b muscle, where a slight exertion, as of sitting up or even raising Henrotin, W. P. Manton, C. D. Palmer, Jno. O. Polak, nax b gel uses hysteria. Xeuroses include all. Heredity and previous mains of the victims. This was especially the case among the

some cases it may be advisable to nourish, for a time, wholly by the rectum. friends and attendants. A family with children ought to no other need attempt to take the subject in hand, as it requires a

nax bag f. Thiermed., vii., p. 5) reached similar conclusions.

aiDplied, was, in the majority of instances, quite sufficient 7:>er se to the forward youth of to-day fully attest. Yet it is most un- Dose. — The dose of the syrup is from 5 to 10 drops; of the proper injection only "as the mist resembles the rain," spectrum, and projected on a screen ; where the normal eye would perceive Incontinence of urine and faeces, again, associated with strange behaviour, naxx bosses various organisms ; but beyond facilitating search for week for the relief of uterine malpositions. It seems June 3rd. They will first go to Rome, thence north through Ger- eases, and especially diphtheria, is being prosecuted with supporters of the spinal hypothesis to the conjecture (Remak, Ii^rbj that a malignant esophageal stricture. Outline of bronchial tree is shown by the ingested


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