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the pliability of the diet that wdth this pro\'ision almost any
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avoidable, and are not due to the antitoxine ; albuminuria and nephritis
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specific immunity cannot be a mere elaboration of the natural general
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k. Dextrose Cystine Blood Agar (for Pasturella Tularen-
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A decrease in vital capacity does not, of course, mean that a
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This handy little volume is the companion to " The Principal
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* Won*. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 65, 431 (1928), modified by Buell and by Archi-
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(&) Preparation for photometric measurement. The urine
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murmur may occasionally be heard at the apex. The cardiac condition
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An acute infectious fever, characterised by the presence of a spiral
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Fig. 212. — Case II. February 15, 1916. Normal rhythm. Great
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was better than it had been for some years, and that, as a conse-
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ately after the intravenous injection of antitoxin, but
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and is less affected by his subjective attitude. Some patients
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While the face and hands may be absolutely covered with pocks, the
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member and pride themselves on success and forget the other side.
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tell how to avoid insomnia ; and his classification of this subject
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believed to be the infecting agent in the human host as are the
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run together, so that the epidermis is raised by a milky purulent secretion,
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lifetime of misery, had we possessed monographs, giving in
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that when the sputum became thinner and less purulent, staphy-
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intervals should be emphasized. Aging sometimes renders such
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Dr. Talbot reported a case substantially as follows : —
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is an example of the electrocardiograms taken at this time.
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ture of dry ice and 95 percent alcohol and stored in a dry ice re-
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period, rim the cover glass or concavity with vaseline or immersion
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(b) For the 42.5 gm portions, a 250-ml volumetric flask, a
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Dr. Geo. C. S. Choate, whom he was visiting, and whose kind-
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c. Applications and Principles. Acid-fast stains are used for
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sult of making bad matters worse. At this juncture an old-school
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suspending the growth from an agar slant in 1 ml of
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Gm albumin per 100 ml plasma — 0.00625 (6 — c) .
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of ignorance and superstition it can hardly be, since, during the
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Poland relapsing fever is perhaps the commonest disease to be
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cultivation of the gonococcus when mixed with freer-
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bell, was then substituted, and a lotion of one grain of atro-
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pieces, and place them in running water overnight to reduce


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