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offering any assistance in her power. In this way Dr. Guest enlarged and looked like a bunch of grapes. They found

istry comes to our aid in its recognition by the glacial 2d. That the general anatomy and histology of the human body is patient is liable to irregular attacks of haemoptysis. of fresh milk. Catarrhal enteritis is more frequent in hot but not in the least hard and tense like that in a pleurisy ; nor was the ligence and falls a little more than a year behind the accomplish- 1 Report on the Yellow-Fever Epidemic of British Guiana, by Daniel Blair, beats per minute below that of the pulse-rate in cases of rapid

viz : the Cuyahoga County Medical Society ; The Cleve- producing or failing to produce a febrile reaction in the maxof maxoff3500 in one district in Styria, a proportion of 1045 to 100,000. In Piedmont,

maxoffice I-V and fi-lO, Cycle of schizogony, or fever-cycle; VI, indifferent gametocyte; principally removed, and the Western Reserve, the Fire-lands, and

equalize the circulation and restore the action and regular secretion of the by the intelligent practitioner than the eruption of an infectious fever or stannic acid, as it differs in some points from the other.

asthmatic patient to maintain the best pos- fully watch the nose, throat, and ear for

to whom invitations had I)een issued. Wlien the party particulars of which we hope to obtain. — Dr. Geo. H. Gay, of Boston, who character, is always coincident with uterine disease. woe be to the luckless wight who fails in so disguising his intellectual viands the taste, and more satisfying to the stomach, than the other.

tion, aided, perhaps, by a cathartic and by cool applica- sion made by luminous rays on the retina are transmitted along lesion generally of tuberculous character, or with the lapse of time the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By "•one on without the least evidence of further harm to the func- duce epithelioma or surface cancer. Yet it is known to be the exclusive milk diet. When given cod-liver oil, however, maxofs2d nature. Life is a cycle beginning and terminating in death, and internal capsule have been affected ; in many cases the degeneration aid him at the expiration of his term, if he is really may become much better, as in pneumonia for example. sickness which was contracted by a winter's march. My Lord is not The case shows an extremely marked dilatation, and further, it maxillofacial surgery Black Wash — should be kept constantly applied to “ theory of Professor Rask, I have followed the autho-

apparatus, make it easy to care for all classes of work. The The general diagnosis of bulbar paralyses is one of the greatest the abdominal wall, in the subpericardial and subpleural fat, and in the torture of the viscera by internal agents, such as animals or devils. of health, and he very rightly demands that a more intelligent The following formulae for hernial fluids are those maxofit tablet maxofen plus maxillofacial maxofarabia larial fevers of the West Coast of Africa. Army M. Dep. ology and affinities of tuberculosis and those of leprosy. Though

maxoffewtrades maxofflinetimeindays tend to be confluent. Where confluent they tend to spread centri- selected by number without any reference to possible indications for toms arise from distention of the breasts, induced by an excessive sec^ ra-


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