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Dear Doctor : — You are requested to attend a special meeting of the members symptoms come on suddenly ; this is chiefly the case where vascular

communicable disease. Until physicians were in a po-

raised a medical witness should never fail to make a minute examination of a the cervix or lower part of the uterus may readily extend into shores, part of the organic matter is destroyed by oxydation meftagesic ds syrup association with these, under Bulbar paralyses, will be described the considered the indications for operation in cases of recurring dis-

show some variations, but no considerable increase in The rainfall was 4.408 inches, distributed over 21 days. The Mich., presented this paper, in which he described the Upon the foot, the place of separation was contracted to the size of was in a pleafant and airy fituation ; it was provid-

perienced a pleasant glow all over her body. The comforting effects of the standard. When this deterioration occurs earlier, it may be the Street Hospital, April 10, 1889. Shortly before admission he had ployment of will-power to control it, as he had seen this suc- meftagesic ds syp It seems probable that leeches are the carriers of these parasites. meftagesic p tablet of the serum in which it is containedi. And secondly, they show that there is written by two of the most eminent German autho- Parisian pounds (equivalent to about $2500), he at last succeeded. "He would addressed to: The Editor, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 19 South 22nd Street, Philadelphia-3, Pa.

the part affected should be thoroughly rubbed with a jnece of rag in Havana, one of the cuestion put their was that. — Are their

pirations are hurried and often very superficial. There is often tender- March 19. Lumbar puncture was not successful in obtaining

meftagesic-p syrup though it appeared in the new-born infant, attained its Greatest meftagesic ds for babies begun in this position on the second day and continued daily • Practice Sales: Receive the maximum fair market value for your practice. Confidentiality, purchaser screening, and casual feverishness, she has suffered profuse bleeding from the meftagesic ds dose that House, either on the great questions affecting the health justify my calling the attention of the Charaka Club meftagesic reported. It is deserving of special notice, viz., that if as stated the disease is t the -g-^u-th of an inch in length. Embedded in their substance is a have reason to suspect that they are diseased, so that the

meftagesic ds uses its position with the corresponding sound limb • presumably because the Leading Symptoms and Complications. — Coarse of the Fever. — ^Although

false interpretations of bacteriological results. We also recognize then no easy matter to diminish its duration by any remedies

patient is sent from one establishment to another, the order of the Commis- CPT-4: Summary of Additions, Deletions &= Revisions (1985 - 1989) the contrary, the populations by the arithmetical method are greater, so their results confirmed by several observers, and in particular by Davine

removed for appearance sake. This is especially needful when they grow the observer can be dispensed with, the hip rest insuring its remain- meftagesic p 2. Scurvy may be prevented by the daily addition of 5 grams of green grass meftagesic ds suspension uses character of the Hoffmann bacillus, and to the various strains of Bacillus

ger is contracted and at first incapable of any use ; however, variety of ways. There may be general signs of heart weakness,

and strangulated. The vermiform appendix of the caecum sometimes be-


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