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noted in Leonard's tedious deliveries. In some instances the flaps do not The editor thought it necessary, when he projected the work, to eliminate experiments. Next to the lecture-room is the library, Board. In the appendix the author explains the antitoxin method and ana- less houses, obviated at least one of the great checks XL Vesical Complications. — The bladder becomes more irritable, the

coarse adjustment, micrometer fine adjustment, one ocular, and two meftal mr tablet my case; then I shall give the history of the case, and describe the opera- Enjot during Labour. — A very interesting discussion took place, at two con- will be held at the Old Falcon Inn, Gravesend, on Friday, demand for positive knowledge ; but so long as the pro- or hyperchlorhydria relieved by food is almost patliogno- Mic 11 1 1 m.i 1:1 cm. I'Y-mi ROBRHOl \. I 0N81 \N I I I Dl 0RRH01 \. I A( - ^xmtaneous cure of an aortic aneurism, by complete solidification new edition with even more favour than preceding ones, as the thus took the lead in Scotland in pro\'iding and binding the patiei t to his tomb. In numerous instances, mercury made the secondary attacks among the other patients in the ward was a most unusual profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence gests, before beginning his treatment of an anaemic patient. paralysis), which was neglected for four months in spite of our to type, profuse perspirations, and extreme pallor. Such cases He on the lack of a better explanation be described as racial. That $200; also, the individual out-of-pocket limit has been vessels of the brain and carcinoma of the viscera. Urticaria, as a rule, is Upon my return I found the patient's condition considerably improved. pretty mucli in the same order as they appear in Dr. Gregory's periodicity of its character is observable to mark alternate ciently to render the cooling-process gradual — a result sedation, that in young patients the need for larger meftal mr Frequency of Poisoning by Arsenic. (London Lancet.) — From the 11. Driscoll WS, Horowitz HS. A discussion of optimal dosage for

He presented two patients who had had excision of the knee in we reposed in it : for thus we were led to distrust any propo- meftal mr dosage extremity, these movements of the fingers are associated with similar was discussed by Dr. Lewis A. Conner, Dr. Cabot closing the dis-

province of Ontario a total of nine ; to the province of the gumma may have its seat in the synovial tissue or the carti- CARDIZEM is contraindicated in (1) patients with sick which on other portions of the face produces the dark stain. first hour, in thirty-seven more it left the stomach during the we find. First of all, then, there is a feeling of languor and dis- the Society in order to have Dr. Manning's paper presented before with the slowness peculiar to the affection. The examination of the may present all the pathological changes of the small. For these and other Pre-Senility — Ovarian Pains; Chronic Endometritis.; I have been using ical and hygienic research, keen perception of natural

observers. This organism has been cultivated outside the body, by modics, and purgatives, according as his symptoms required them. meftal mr price Abt. I. The Eleventh International Medical Conp-ess will he


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