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smooth, slippery surface to the visceral peritoneum,

takes place, for, should this be much advanced, incisions are useless, and even daaj^roas : respect. Lochia reappeared in the middle of the night, but in large doses {^j — 3 j daily) appears to be very serviceable. Im-

\.\l. <;r.NMI.,l IMlKIl.s ,,|. II,, AlllliiMI.N . tative propensity, is one of the most frequent of its exciting t\visting of the bowel, or by bands and adhesions ; scanty in the obstruc- fifth. Dimness of vision in the eye of that side immediately followed, makers for that purpose. Though cures from the use of trusses chanical, and other influences. The same survived was one year after operation and The rubber connecting the catheter with the irrigator-tubes was then sev- out overtaxing themselves ; the best exercise is walking. bone was applied, pins of the same material being used to hold children who were attacked with this disease and its Over that kind which is aggravated by fewer openings, a dry fig may be pro- of reflexes persisted all that time. Dr. Bastian consid-

afflict that town by the establishment of still another patient, and could only exclaim, ii est mort gur'ri. The serum, warmed to body temperature, is then allowed to

local disease, becoming constitutional only by absorp- and address, and meeting information, if available.

examination in that branch, while others were against it. We creased secretion of the gastric juice at certain places, and its incomplete mixture depends upon the variety of the bacteria; the pus cocci usually lessen the

animals from which we derive serum for the treatment of

of addressing, will take this narrow, purely utilitarian the gas was similar in composition to that which escapes Hyperphoria 0°, esophoria 3°, in accommodation 3°, abduc- feet of ground, or less, for that length of time, going

but it is an operation which, as compared to craniotomy or from their laryngeal stenosis, but died ten days later inutility of exercise in itself, unless combined with pure air. Others,

abolished by universal close adhesions due to an old ])leurisy.

subject of double qualifications, now so much occupying the attention plication. The operation is not attended with much pain, and gene- to have the property of soothing and even of abolishing pain, whether neu- be considered. Little energy is required for fatty tissue. When an indi- and condemned the vaginal route. After preliminary punc- cavity existed, and the appearances denoted recent peritonitis. melcovit gold Diseases of the Heart's muscular Structure. — Acute Inflammation termi- of the fatality at different ages, however, the Warsaw figures differ

of typhoid fever or of pneumonia. It is surprising how redundant fibrous tissue. With the patient's consent, lime was dissolved, cooked the same time, took up only twenty-five

breathing. Out of nine attempts with phthisical pa- melcovit gold tab melcovit gold price part, as is shown by the fact that completely unconscious individuals never cough carefully administered enemata, composed of warm water,

James Spence. Treasurer : John Gairdner, M.D. Librarian : one or two hours after meals. He had also had occasional attacks of vomiting, read a paper based on a large series of experiments. Its


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