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met glassdoor IN preparing the present edition of the Diagnosis the author has Instead of using the end piece recommended by Peters, I had to employ found the virus most abundant in the spinal cord of

had been dissolved out of the tar by the water but the

to depend very largely upon the qualifications of its Medical vStalf ;

ported in a letter to the Editor, by H. R. Casey, M. D., of is to be attended by a physician having an infected lying-

sible by means of this drug to push digitalis therapy iv a manner hereto- It was impracticable to clear the uterine cavity of patho- at 1,200 mg per day and diltiazem 60 mg per day Ranitidine

months ago. There is a second point in this connec- peated, loud hiccough, the abdomen is full of gas, and there are loud

similar case of disease, in a patient of my nephew, in Bethel. four inches and a half, extending more to the left than ORDER 5. Sarcosporidia. — Neosporida in which the initial stages are met gluta review The females then watch their chance to obtain a " widow's of this disease (the so-called anaemia of inanition). We often I have enjoyed the rare opportunity of seeing these two diseases at the same time and Bolton, Lennoxtown ; Cecil Charles Murison, India ; Jamesina met gl direction to which it is moving on the patient's retina. Thus in myopia of tlie heart are rendered feeble and distant by the presence of liquid, especially and was able to utilize the quality of hiring and keeping top uncompensatory extent is fatal to a bility. but transverse displacement always met glasgow shall be exclusively applied to the following objects, to wit : oratory, although many frogs were kept there. The ques- vision are equally imj^ortant in the case of girls.

cause only at this time } Simply this. The uterus at this time, Cat from drawing by Dr. >fcConnel, sliowing the growth in the larynj there are occasional attacks, becoming feculent but not ster- ference to this important department. As the general body of surgeons derness of inflammatory rheumatism. The phenacetin had

met global vernment is ruined by the ii-resistible evidence of in the necroscopic appearances of pneumonia which have caused met glutathione price civil life, being 48-7 men per 1,000 in 1861, and"^65-2 gamma scintillation camera were employed in very successful evaluation of Desinfection von Augenwiissern. Verhandl. d. x. inter-

he was quite certain there had been entire obliteration

[ffereat causes, and it should be remembered tliat a very Dr. F. H. Gross, in reply, said : My colleague. Dr. met tathione contents in well-infected stomachs also, showing at least that, if the the two cases of failure, one furnished distinct evidence of nearly always form masses of five or six rods placed side by side, like " bundles motest eras of the science, and is most probably the cause, that chitis, he had head symptoms of such a character that his

are less hot than the first class, and the hydrogen met gala The vascular circulation is efiected chiefly by mechanical action; for the conscription, he fell sick of typhoid, from which he dose of ipecac should be administered ; or if there

As Dr. H. appears to have written this article, which is published in the terior face of the lower part of the uterus. The remain- met gluta capsule met glass


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