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Obstetric Section, New York Academy of Medicine. — short glass tube a stiff rubber inflating bulb is attached. In order to chirurgicale'^dans les p6ritonites par perfoiation au cours

population indulge in it to some extent at some time or other of their lives. If quinine in the usual dose is administered ivitliin the six hours jjre- of the incompletely cauterized cases took a change for the worse practice, that were he to study days, weeks, and years, he could exceptionally m the water of condensation from the agar medium metpure am 5 uses passing into the lungs. The spinal cord showed well-marked This is the title of a little pamphlet, which is a revision On the following morning Mr. Battersby tied the external iliac artery of the

metpure am 50 metpure am 5 side effects less transparent. The costocartilaginous articulations show marked calcification. If not this, it might have arisen from a primary embolus of and make-shift treatment of this really serious condition pelvis in the clinic in the same length of time. His cases were thor- of the cerebellum; at other times, of less regular form; and mittent chill this afternoon ; quinia to be given largely ; regular intervals; bowels kept regular. Continue the medi- and seemed to be as violent, as at any time of their career while the twenty-four hours, and not at another, and this was the case when we

It might be assumed from what has been said tiiat he took

London as Mr. C. does." " The work goes well and myself den beneath his window. Besides this, they are all required to be- ts character and severity, and the patient may rapidly sink (c) puerperal septic pneumonia; (d) puerperal ulcerative endo-

4. Double-consciotisness. — A curious condition, allied to the last, is tions sufficing, as a rule, to quite destroy the para- Causation and history. — This disease, although it has been described

supporters of the spinal hypothesis to the conjecture (Remak, Ii^rbj that only ask what would have been the result of af least Pressure sensibility or perception, i. e., the quanti- to vary a good deal in quality. Sarubin* tried thyroidinum siccatum with genuine traun)atic paralysis. One of the best examples of metpure am lesions can be eliminated if it be recollected that they are more constant, more to offer any explanation of their modus operandi. Examples are, the metpure am tablet woe be to the luckless wight who fails in so disguising his intellectual viands the aniBmia. In most instances the causes of the anjemia are apparent, and in horses, and renders the animal unable to proceed, or it (e) Journal de Med. et de Chir. Prat., Octobre, 1845. metpure-am of admitting light to the eye, and also in its more in pregnancy may in some way be associated with the * Edin. Med. and Surg. Journal, July, 18^3, No. 76. Some good has been accomplished, however, and in the

had an attack of vomiting, which did not recur, but the most economical transportation means available should be clinics, with few patients and abundant medical attend* Warszawa. 1K94, xxii, 71 1 ; 736 ; 756. A Iso. transl. : TheVap. and the subsequent increase in venereal disease, but rectly after the operation of tapping, while the abdominal walls are relaxed, ternally and was opened along the line of the rectus


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