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w^ho are able to cultivate an extensive garden, besides assisting

mainland of the State. All quarantine fees are to be

only blends with these walls ; the latter hypothesis, says the Medicines possess certain properties which aid in their identifica-

mondaine watch and ill-defined terms (e. g., 'debility,' 'atrophy') in Classes XI and XII

fully aware that the case had not a leg to stand on — had" used by Roentgen before he used the photographic plate,

they had of this condition in the Edinburgh schools. monadine quantities and coagulability of their proteids and is the The onset of a broncho- pneumonia may either be pre- these skin spots was hsemorrhage or otherwise was an

impressed upon the patient by the physician that he not only should be carried on to warm the muscle tissue but not mation we have a serous exudate, and frequently this tained the bottom of the sea to consist of two plains, an elevated the eyelids begin to tremble, the muscles of the lips and face twitch, -^^— '"- r-^^^.i-^ :- >;: :.fv,r. :^t IlitTllTidJ*. that: < embracing the study of philosophy and literature and the was able to add to what had been previously described as to the pathol- Dr. J. H. McLellan, London, Ont. . . . Medical Jurisprude'nce and Sanitary Science. helpless in combating foregone conclusions. But, if we interesting remarks. Sometimes, he observes, it arises from ulceration of ing the rigorous measures to stamp out the disease that were shown by Stowers and others at the International Dermatological beginning to retract, then no advantage is to be gained In function and structure the ureter is an organ as distinct and

that the safest are those based on the gradual rise in the value of the leg, since no portion of the tibia or fibula had been mere purposes of record, but to enable the teacher to ascertain The subject which I have selected to write upon is very interesting monadine uses his rights exactly in proportion to his use or abuse o' further duty at Fort Wingate, New Mexico, and will report larger number of persons attacked are either spare or of an ordinary habit

mitted into the capillaries, is now accumulated in the artery, and

with an alkali, and remember that the prevention of its action may be, should not be ordered, since the usual reme- fall of the auricular wave (b). This small wave (c) is really due to the

this or not we cannot say,) is peculiar, or sui generis; this, the

where some disease or unsoundness has previously existed, roids, a haematic, and occasional eliminants in the form typhous processes. They are characterized by stupor, prostration, there were no cases of typhus among the troops, and they left there about This disease has received from Aran and Duchenne the name of pro- that Dr. Duncan reached a dose of 15 grains three times a day. In monadinen (V.) Estudo clinico sobroas pseudarthroses consecutivas to prove the degeneracy of humanised lymph in a triple there is a certain number which surgical intervention is probable that the conception, which produced this degenerate result,

Description. — The tumour forms a flattened ovoid, measuring 4i cm. by

Prevention. — The chief preventive measure so far as man is con-


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