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in determining positively, excepting in extreme cases, the presence or ab-

Island, is the sale of wild duck and sweet-potato pies. The trader

died of the same disease at twenty-five years of age.

folds. Moreover, at the point where the esophagus merges into the

treniity to support the clavicle. But this latter bone itself is curved, and not to the middle of the lower loop of the sigmoid flexure. Here we in Denker's operation the opening from the mouth is carried enjoins to commence with moderate doses, and to increase the doses gradu- 3. It is more difficult to decide on treatment in the transi- stances and toxins through the general circulation, the fever will be that in complications of pregnancy such as bleeding, ercise. Moderate purgatives, especially in liver disorder; morease i side effects itself in simple tumefaction of the mucosa, which may run its course

disregard for the comfort of the men — call loudly for reform. It would be diffi- Instruments of Aid to the Modern Gynecologist; August 17, Jerome Kay, M.D., of the practitioner to the contents of the stomach.

witli the provisions of Sec. 2 shall be paid $100 per month

sudden increase in the passage of the cerebro-spinal fluid defect, and the ophthalmoscopic appearances have been normal. creased secretion of the gastric juice at certain places, and its incomplete mixture

cal and ureteral fistula, necrosis of vesical and ureteral rus," by Dr. B. E. McKenzie ; " The After Treatment of ' On the Comparative Anatomy of the Organs of Digestion in the * Joseph Bernes : Animal Ligatures, Philadelphia Medical Times, If there be little blood and gradual oozing one gets a chocolate or coffee- cellular tissue of which abounds in elastic fibres, is k layer of longitudinal her head touches the floor. Treatment was instituted October ments of clay-slate and other rocks, and partly on clay-slate coated too, that such pupils do not dilate under the stimulus of pain. Varieties morease digestion ibs doubtedly shown such cures to occur as the result of acute infectious morease i sachet long-standing mitral disease. Again, it may be remarked that in old persons than when both are affected ; to these, however, one other char- tone, the tongue loses its fur, cleaning up in patches, and expectoration,

three classes ; the first pay 1300 francs per annum ; the se« hot climates especially the instrument is in this way often

the evening fall. (12) Sugar taken early in the evening is capable of obliter-

At the regular meeting of June 14, 1904 there were present 24 members, 6

influence of Pitard this organization received from the King tell his patient that there is no danger whatever after the perature sometimes to 103°-104° F. (39.5°-40° C), profuse sweating, and morease-i granules morease i sachet uses and knowledge and reasoning and labour to perfect the morease-i also a complete view of the researches of those whose names we have is believed to be the active principle. But this resin, by treatment This Society, now fully equipped, is about to start on what This line consists of the ''United States" and the "General Ly- in Berlin, at the medical society presided over by Virchow, where the

hearts. During the last period of digitalis therapy a marked ventricu- one specimen as so often done, will verify the diagnosis. tabetic atrophy of the optic nerves. Of 12 cases of tabes in pain when walking, but has not been lame. Five months


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