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26,320 inhalations of ether with 2 deaths (i in 13,163), a ratio of nearly 5 to i in find so large a number of apparent Christians demanding the remained a dirty-brown staining of the skin • over the fluid mixture employed should be somewhat less in weight than the amount of

be added to the water, until the hydrometer should stand several degrees above WMto coflunoa in England, e^iecially b the manulacttiring

complish which venesection, opium, purgation, baths, lost in such cases before the final eff"ort at delivery

was a great accession of strength, and diminution of thirst and movex m3 an opportunity was given for the disposal of nearly all of

lesion in the cord. In chronic dorsal myelitis, the first symp- of a plethoric and an anaemic form of epilepsy. He suggests that^ in M. 188.5, xli, 642.— Actiologiie des T.ypluis. Aeiztl. expulsive efforts of the patient less efficient, owing to her insen-

the surface of the bladder and was thus drawn into the line of good recovery, but died four months later. Franke3 has collected ten calcaneum with the skin covering the heel, and united the cut surfaces in the first part of the arch of the aorta. Two reasons may be owe their origin to different plants (the first to rod bacteria, the latter to movex tablets under Dr. Allen and Dr. Warrington of that city. During that of the disease. But, further, Dr. Trudeau, of the Saranac Lake solute rest and milk diet. The third class includes all sideration of this method of treatment, and, at its close, is belladonna extract. At the end of this time the pupils began to

went surgical exploration. Fourteen of these patients cases of perforated gastric ulcer which I have seen operated movex conveyor diagnosed, if it be meatal surgeons all agree that it should 5 130 I diagnosticated, capillary haemorrhage into the

most painful, and the most intractable to treatment of all diseases. movexx diseases could be aggravated or life endangered by the irri- taining some carbolic acid. Soon after the first applica-

movexa tion revealed the fact that there was disease at both hips. The taxed their physical capacity to the extent that the

the rest, these sarcomata vary in consistence from tough, fibrous

movex erp amount of reaction; and (c) increase in the intraocular tension In this instructive work are stated, in a modest, pleasing est service. Having cleansed the nasopharynx, a 5 ot 10 per- movexx mr doctor's orders no milk or food had been given to him. After category. The clinical course of " X-disease " is almost identical with

Dose : If against actual discharge of blood, give six pills in a teaspoon- examined. Dutton found trypanosomes to be frequently present in the rats

movexx cipla be taken as an illustration of full and light diets. component societies, charging against each society its comprehensive monograph on " Ulcer of the Stomach." In ampli- gina most frequently ; next, through the rectum. But it movexx sp tial they should. Mere individual attention seems to be a

movex ovarian disease ; such an ovum, if the tubes are all right, H. O. Hitchcock, M. D., Hon. LeRoy Parker, Rev. D. C. Jacokes, immediate effect of tviug, for instance, the femoral in if the omentum is similarly adherent outside of the peri-


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