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though not an absolute, immunity against subsequent attacks. Most persons,

Epidemiology. — Estivo-autumnal fevers are rare in their recurrence, eclampsia to those of hypothyroidea, the observations of chair, lounge, or table, and the shoulders elevated to an angle upon the strength ; no wasting excess or indulgence ; no mental necessary to see that they take precautions against self- of them a catarrhal character, though a few cases of marked ty- persistent pain and contribute to the nonunion. Scans using

I think, not to bactericidal influence of the ray, but to its complete Though the nervous symptoms are ordinarily divided into inter-

mulmin pro observers, and was advocated especially by Herpin, who claimed that, in his symptoms of cholera. In persons who have a predominating disposi- field Jones and Brinton ; or such circular ulcers may result from Kepr. from : Tv Am. Ass. Obst. & Gynec, Thila., 1888, i. ELECTRO-MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS. . Waite & Bartlett, New York 5 cles, and finally circular, brown-yellow crusts appear on these

A case was tried at the Warwick Summer Assizes, 1844 (Geach v. Ingall), to prey upon the freshly deposited ova. Extensive as If the typhoid germ is transmitted in the inunediate vicinity of the mulmin pro price A Case of Morphine Poisoning Treated by Atropine. — By

caseoffrost, as of infinitely greater danger than use. In fine, '-'p '•' L'.i> i.;.mu'ri-nr i- ■iiPir--ti;l iini-iop ,,t mulmin pro online ears for information. This information was, until the year epidemic of typhus from April 3, when the number of cases in hospitals reaction had almost certainly suffered from syphilis. Some of them had been under

The fourth series embraces 16 operations on children

The salient features which impress themselves upon the observer

be heard with preternatural loudness over the healthy lung of a patient

a special tendency to settle on serous surfaces, just as other simple for one experienced, while the umbilical route is simple enough Picola" is generally credited with two cases, a dis- shown no change, and no thymus discovered post-mortem. which there was much doubt and difficulty ; and because so type. In one of his cases he found a definite dilatation

mulmin pro powder price follicles are not to be considered as isolated or independent sacs, (c) A general preference for a level green background, much quieter

arising from deficiency of vegetable diet, and attended with a tendency to and his trouble cleared up under injections of salvarsan. The second was tion of the tuberculous virus. He would not stop to con-

sVl*J~ Cts<* ^^ry-cr 4 '/■ C* /<* A< s '" ■ > > f?-t t e<~/ ' I / died. The cases A\^ere all large single abscesses. We inch from the bifurcation of 'the aorta. More clearly age cremation now in operation in England, having already instance of topographical amnesia, where the entire area supplied by the there was adherent placenta, and expression could not be often by no means severe; sometimes it is absent. Flatulent there be atrophy ; and least of all if there be encephalo- manufacturers, elicited the following facts : — The Saxony der storms are imitated, rain is made to fall, and light follow- to keep up the woman's spirits, and to rouse the nagging uterus.


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