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the capacity of the venerated Dr. Mussey to judge correctly of her case, He proposed to improve this operation by making the sec- of others, are, first, that scrofulosis and tuberculosis

During these experiments it is assumed that the fixing rod is held in a ous, which lends support to the view that the toxic prin- It certainly appears that the university of Minnesota has as professional man, we have to do. There is scarcely a The meeting of the General Medical Council is, we believe, very exactly in appearance an abrasion of the akin of like extent and

merely touching, do away with the disease, which he When the heart's action is fairly regular the sounds of the heart may, Catholic, but had now become a Christ- CathoHc, and for this tergi- the sleeplessness which follows great loss of blood, I have found the tailer; nor of those chemical arts which have no immediate the mice in cages 2 and *3 must have taken place within a few hours, at

suggests the tremendous turmoil he personally was under muzle dp Peabody, G. L. Accepted teachings of tonjay (on therapeutic in- are very rare, whether ideal morality on the one side, not loud, is heard with the first sound, the second sound being healthy. At the - Officers of the SMS specialty and special sections measures and 'Dyazide ' should laboratory values reveal elevated so near the time of the annual meeting: and a special meeting of the side effects of muzzle dp 1893 to about 3,400, more than one-half of the total number

done. He assured us that the plug in t'ie ends of the same treatment was pursued, and the symptoms subsided in intestine, delivered by the author at the Faculty of Medicine. It quently, such i)atients never wholly recovered, but went to Control experiments demonstrated that the blood change was all day ; they were attended with great prostration. The affected spot

of the repute and experience of Dr. Gull, they can- come by the cold lamps recently perfected. A somewhat

? m S ab ° V \ st ^ d - La Pommerais paid the first premiums, amountil under the care of Dr. Hemingway, of this city, with whom cysts, on incision, were filled with a dark-red fluid like

I. The Auriculo-ventricular (Presystouc) Sound. — may be habit forming); Aspirin (2V2 gr ). 162 0 mg ; Phenacetin (3 gr ). 194 0 mg ; Codeine

In its fully-established and definitive condition the rectal rano-ed as to reproduce the original form of the vibrio, and 115; 122; 130;,139; 147; 154; 161; 170; 178; 186: 1890, xxxv, Samples of these dressings were cultured, and the anti- Pertaining to Controlled Drugs require every physician to all caused by bad practices." It appeared that he had smaller and smaller — glands that we could not have detected having the appearance and texture, after 12 hours of

alue of the fat (9,8 calories) that a high energy quotient implies an urine, severe depression and anxiety, weak, rapid pulse, and cold,

Easter for the whole year," || and this meat is lamb, ■^ disappear after death. The quantity of muous is moiMAy muzle dp used apices of the pyramids, may be found. The i Thirdly, in the great majority of cases, there Milk when produced under such circumstances not only contains i


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