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read a paper with this title based upon original observations in
Being most frequently a result of traumatism an intraspinal haemorrhage
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stools were rather bulky the were claj colourcd. and there
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tured for copying by merely j assing the hand over the
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Koumiss Take ordinary beer bottle with shifting cork put in
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of individuals under this treatment believe that the body
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bowels the tympanites disappeared and the temperature fell
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vascular excitement of headach amp c. In this expectation
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dentally these observations indicate what I have before said that
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healthy. The third of five children. Has always been in good
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leprosy had declared itself in the native child after vaccination of this
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prominent part of the tumor which was about an inch internal to
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experience has become almost indispensable in the work of the
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rendered more grateful by the addition of a small quantity of
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abundant over the chest and abdomen the face was covered
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nate fatally under his management he should avoid insinuat
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The rapid and successful treatment of the individual case de
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most entirely expectant. It is a disease which cannot be aborted and if
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sive list now. We will work with MIT to locate the birthdays and
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resolution and discussion in the House pertinent to this matter
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ent practised for a number of years at a period when their cases
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I have witnessed every epidemic in the city of Savannah from the
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counts for the last year having examined the same find
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of the limb and especially affecting deep sensibility with
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roentgenographically may never give physical signs. He quotes Gran
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logical investigations. It lies in the nature of things that the
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much as it contained a number of suggestions the report was
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of associated gout and tuberculosis regard must be had to the


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