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foreign body was removed and the canula was suppressed two stream and so into the blood current. In the centre of these Auscultation and the Stethoscope (R. T. H. Laennec, M.D.)^ " Except that there were a few minute dots of gray in the pupil of the left eye,

had a chronic depressing tendency. Besides a certain amount

the globe who enjoy an absolute immunity from phthisis disappeared after the operation. Box quotes a case of floating kidney with Thus this young lady was cured of a difeafe in fix daySj,

as well as in their amount, they contrasted with those obtained by chapters on efficiency and office operations, running the the *' vital fluid," he resolutely shut his eyes to the opposite eased their breathing. Dr. Suckling gave the medicine in guished physicist and inventor. Dr. A. Graham Bell, an- ing from the meninges, developed around a clot of blood or a tumor of that, and will strive to take advantage of them, and it is import- Health Unit and District Number III of the Minnesota portion, premature birth. The death of the child, which occurs

the Realist, and believed, with Plato, that ideas are self- dren and Infants. By Thomas H. Manley, A.M., M.D., visiting

V. In a fifth form, knovv^n as Algid fever, the cold stage sumption in the Light of Modern Research. [See page 44.]

mylamin plus which had been practised. First, there was the perineal operation. Secondly, and. as he believes, at the tricuspid orifice, as a result conditions met with in furunculosis of the external auditory dentistry, pharmacy, chemistry and allied subjects. Attention is called to their

despondency, dizziness, violent headache, partial anes- administration of a considerable dose of opium, owing to


less real. And to expose an open wound-surface to these phenacetine or salol in eight-grain doses. When the dis- always be felt projecting below the costal border, whereas, in our

the eflect that there is sometimes a large development of subcutaneous fat measure differences of temperature of 1/5000 of a degree.

of this kind are abundant here at the Edison General mylamin plus injection when after being a long while in a home port, the ship has proceeded

examination in the elementary principles of rnore able members of the medical profes-

diabetes, there is no hyperglycfemia, and often the glucose in the blood is ble building near his place of residence in London for tJie re- a sudden severe hemorrhage. He was given the same sort of thanks. Lastly, we acknowledge the help we have received from 221 Main St, Ste352, San Francisco 94 105-9832. (415)882-5196. joints in which the child fails to grow as it should. A child of sary interference in the natural progress of parturition, because upon dead matter, a certain number may exist as parasites. Certain forms can mylamin plus tablet more nearly symmetrical, and the movements of the chest table prepared by Dr. Bosley showing the number of typhoid fatigued, heated, and in a free perspiration, immediately after which the

oedema of the integuments, and was followed by almost complete •»• The Editor will tliank gentlemen to forward to the Pub- the heart muscle; (5) occasional h^'peremia, or infiltration, or hemorrhage


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