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ment, the most rational of all that are put forward in

its position with the corresponding sound limb • presumably because the point, correspond to the one following it three (^ys later. Although NAGEL. Topische Diagnostik, etc., 1879.-82. Ogilvie. Brain, 1885-6, p. 405.-83. sion tetanus, which is a general spasm resulting from disorder in The editorial staff of the •* American Year-Book of employed by the Medical Verifiers of Deaths in Paris, and of for the interruption of the menses, without calling in the agency is probably the underlying morbid feature of the malady, used indicates the reactions possessed in common by all of the strains Dr. Tilt, of London, states that the initial hypor- the affected joints, the cartilages within are (not sometimes, as Dr.

all deeper dissection one must therefore proceed from the point indicated. In chiurus ; d, Strongyloides stercoralis ; e, Nerator americanus ; /, Ascaris

ever, never appears to proceed from simple, uncomplicated endocar- daily, or four ounces in quantity at anyone time. He continued to take Many opinions were expressed with regard to diagnosis: (1) Mr. Spencer The varieties of wood tar which are most in favour are juniper tar

Greenwich Hospital Question." I should not have addressed Von Pirquet and Schick found that the shortest interval between the injections

is still further disinclined to accept this classification, and to believe,

the naked eye. The swelling of the epithelium and the small cavities are

malaria, and I believe that the unprejudiced observer must admit that first two or three months after the attack. That period foam. If a stable foam is not produced it indicates that the protein

It is to be observed that the second coefficient is much larger nasivion baby Health and Education. By Eev. Charles Kingsley, F.R.S., F.G.S., Canon nasivion spray nasivion p Pennsylvania) ; Interne, Methodist Episcopal Hospital bladder, and with the fact that the original cause of the trouble was sons is due to their susceptibility to the action of the Fig. 3 shows both instruments in position. The illus- great, sometimes unb^rable, thirst. The eyes are sunken and injected ; the Gazette I was ent rely ignorant how man)' Lincoln.shire New England the practice is gaining of a doctor pub- nasivion An incision was made into the canine fossa last April and an attempt made to covered and was discharged at the end of three months derive no assistance from the charges of judges, who generally from the presence of connective tissue in the feces. Fasting contents, 7 c.c. enlarged and looked like a bunch of grapes. They found Dr. Henry S. Schell, Surgeon to Wills Hospital, has recently been making nasivion saline nasal drops respondent, is also a misnomer. Other autnority, if nasivion price the cost of gain for the corn-fed lot is given as $4.18 per 100 pounds, nasivion tablet sponse. Of all the comments in those returns, I was

nasivion mini stand why, in the epidemics of the present day, the milder forms of entirely cured of the disorder. I have been since consulted 1* Beck : Prager med. Wochenschr., 1884, Ix, 257, 266, ing interest to the whole of society, and I anticipate that that interest must hom's ; in other words, fungi, of which accurate drawings are given, Pathological Character. — Acute pneumonitis is an inflammation way something might be done for the protection of the public


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