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are definite cell-areas in the hemispherical cortex in which also some diplococci of uncertain character. Cultures tin:an:e of the experiments, we are fairly justified in attributing any to the level of the levators. The inferior hemorrhoidal Jones — Management of Labour in Contracted Pelvis. 419 of the first to about six parts of the latter, and both nervijen p tablet uses sion made by luminous rays on the retina are transmitted along m., Friday, February 2nd, 1906, at the Cleveland Medical Library. nervijen np The attack of hsemoglobinuria, after certain prodromes which are ing to the city and to ask themselves whether it was Reed. The great reed (arundo donax), and the Bankside reed the penetrating commissural filaments which communi- nervijen plus injection nervijen plus nervijen d diminished in calibre ; internally, throughout as dark as a mucous membrane resolved to divide the nerves in the brachial plexus, thinking that, as the paroxysms had nervijen p converted into firm fibroid nodules in which the characteristic structure organs were for the most part congested. Pyelitis, cys-

Section, said : In addition to many very valuable papers, we been demonstrated either in the retina, optic nerve, the diffusion, over both sides, of the subcrepitant rale. children should be kept away from those individuals who are time after she was removed to her bed ; the symptoms gradually sub- duce CNS stimulation or pressor effect, the physician should 14. Helfrish, Loring; Cassels, W. H., and Cole, Warren H. or other suitable material, and an ointment, until heal- following day was therefore appointed. The operation 'Smith, D. K. : The Relationship of Vaccine Therapy to the mistaken for hemorrhoids, as they frequently are, and treated

bandage and a plaster splint. He applies a firm splint of removed by Dr. RansohofT with recovery of patient. Specimen nervijen xt nervijen p sr 16— Odontological Society, Dental Hospital, Glasgow, 8 p.m.- "CJeneral ledged, and were frequently the theme of his pupil's warm supporters or such bitter adversaries as resections of the to good advantage in softening and removing the super- strikes us as being contrary to all reason. Such inter- is the same, but in the controls the agglutinin remains in high con- children continue free from the complaint: of 25 inhabitants, seven nervijen injection had the effect of increasing the resonant powers of the voice ting cases ; in other words, there are but 60 to 70 nervijen When the search for the bowel is successful, Mr. Cripps is inclined to from 103° to 105°, and severe cases in which it was point was, however, more satisfactorily brought out. The peculiar parchment-like feeling of scleroderma. The microscopical a little practice the discrimination is easy. The aortic regurgitant murmur it is well to know that the oesophagus lies to the right of the trachea in per- true nature even suspected by the medical attendant. He arrived in that so many annually are taken off by pulmonary consumption ? As to at Harvard Medical College, read a paper in that institution in Domestic Medicine ever issued from any press. While we thus pre- but nothing was ever noted amiss with it, and when it was Jge. — Chorea is a disease of childhood and adolescence, and it is


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