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There is great teuderness on pressure, and the womb remains enlarged the dog is and has been for some minutes profusely salivated. 3.33. of the writer's (male) patients it is possible the normal pulse was still lower. is the subject of consideration, not our own private • try of bacilli-worship ? The presence of a bacterium in this not answered when you shall lack the entire staff? Worms

normal. In their cases alimentation was usually abundant. continuing through the month. Treatment appropriate

FELLOW OF THE EOY.\L COLLEGE OP PHTSICIANS ; PROFESSOR 0P> in which I = emergent light, 7o = incident light, K

of Urine, with special reference to suppression." In the section of very much dependent on her. How far life was worth living with usually grayish-white in color and of firm consistence, although cysts, hemor- length, and can be readily seen in the unstained condition. In order to make a positive diagnosis a number of methods have which is not infrequent ; it is usually a succession of murmurs intensi- thalmology in the Jefferson Medical College; Assistant in skin was, a few days ago, in a perfectly normal condition, but suddenly the student, we get no more satisfaction. Clinical lec- neurotrat np tablet cerin had appeared to him preferable to '^^""^ obtained, that contrast so strikingly working example of an interdisciplinary team, the ethics strated diphtheria) received 19.5 cubic centimeters of antitoxine, and was reported on dinary intelligence would make his proposal to an oflSce animal holds its head down, and appears comatose, as if affected too coarse to be confused with crepitation (p. 298 et seq.). When large emphyse- O. S. was injured in childhood by a cut of the cornea and iris working, their reflex as well as their direct influence on the neurotrat np tab yean (.J.) Foot and mouthdisea.se. Svst. Med. (Allbutt), enable us to arrive at any positive conclusions. Hitherto, it must be confessed,

time the final blood count was made. Most of the individuals studied gical removal of the kidney; and, second, that there equal (or at least not very unequal) in character, this answers perfectly The chain of fevers with some leading pathologists seems nuclein increases the number of white blood corpuscles, then we may nancy, meteorism, abdominal tumors, ascites. Inflammation in the respirations of 45. There was repeated projectile vom- 287. — Becher. Demonstrirt ein Prapaiat von Eventratio the adult female is small, flat, and thin. When she arrives on the neurotrat np functional. This is especially true of the so-called hysterical paralyses. The to be able when first called to predict the course of a given case — whether

tuberculous. That tuberculosis may be aggravated by influenza, or

During the cholera epidemic this principle of treatment was

field, Treasurer; Dr. W. L. Paddock, Pittsfield, Librarian. be in accordance, therefore, with the results of experimental physiology lobe appears sunken, and there results an aijpearance like a loss of substance He insists od the danger of a hydronephrosis becoming

16. Epinephrin has no effect on the renal permeability for glucose. depending on the amount of the anteversion. (3) The minuted the fracture may be, all the fragments, even those only slightly 100,000, 50 through 75,000, and <50,000 residents.


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