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phine or some other opiate, say, } gr. Morph. or 1 gr. Opii., every
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Medical Department of the University, under the direction of a clinical
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Rachitis is usually first noticed by persistent constipation.
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such interchange if the transactions were published ; they recom-
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will use our individual intra enei^pid so try to direct the power of this
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usual way, by Dr. Buck, by direct extension of the limb in the di-
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colour to the opaque lenticular substance. Pus very
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This is a wise conclusion, and will, no doubt, redound more to his credit,
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cleanliness. 4. The ease and quickness with which it is removed,
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or indirect? Did it operate as a specific ? or, through the im-
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tion which is its peculiar manifestation. — Medical Ooseiter.
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to the consumer. As to the iniquitous rubber tube connection
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February, he slowly rallied from this attack, and was able to walk a little
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surface. It is of a bright scarlet color, glistening, hard, elastic,
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Oct. 12th, Slept well, better than for many weeks ; suffers but
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directed special attention to the subject before ns. Indeed, the
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character of its secretion, soon manifests its sympathy with the j
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man was ever imbued with a more catholic spirit. Recognizing the
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Hydrarg. — the effect was excellent. He had formerly succeeded in
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below centre of lower eyelid. No exit wound. Mouth :
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and 30th ; about midnight of the 30th she had a strong convul-
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analogous cases. Fortunately, too, we believe extended re-
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spasmodic this resistance leaves the curator to th e mechanical forces —
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of rotation. Such is the course pursued, when the dorsal surface
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sugar (liver-sugar) is produced in disproportionate amount, and
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be supposed to take place in the following manner : — The accumu-


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