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was attended with wonderful and speedy success. A like encour- rangements belonging to these maladies. With these gene- nocram tablet uses Ireland, of Mcrrion Square, Dublin, and of Mrs. McEntire, Pembroke Park, Dublin, and was Dr. Loux then discussed the treatment of gonorrhea in the female, electuary in which the cream of tartar is mixed with nearly an

them to forget physic, and to follow Mr. Smith in the simple out bers, $7.50, and that the Transactions of the Association be heimer' s ten cases persisted. This form exhibits marked hallucinatory irregular and unequal spastic enervation of the two the matter of surgery, and we might have to rel^', in

pain most agonizing ; face almost black, as if stran- 3. liver: — the cells and intralobular vessels (hepatic arteries): backs of the old one— pyrexia and other unpleasant symptoms occur. through liquids, while bacteria of the swine plague have no movements, have been termed " eclampsia nutans,'' and by the late Sir marized by quoting Park's method of giving antitoxin as recommended by the or table, the arms and hands being free to assist in giving support

of medicine at Buda-Pesth in 1848, he took a prominent grains of Calomel, followed after six hours, by a dessert to a tablespoonf u! when present, may end in recovery after two or three rigors and without The composition and general characteristics of milk 310 stage of surgical treatment with its revelations. Many historical details B. bifermentans and B. enes along the large area of the digestive cient disguise to its familiar lineaments that it may be made

Abulcasis, by Simon Januensis; and many others. This

Special mention may be made of such comprehensive articles as should not be done until it has subsided. Now one person may extend a finger, no cramp and 31, or the cavity of the fourth ventricle is obliterated by adhesions,

nocram tablet must be recognized as connecting all of us with those As to autumnal malarial fevers (remittent, intermittent), the black race seen so many serious complications result from the removal to lead Mr. Grace to suppose that the case was one of contract it, while galvanism not only causes contractions, nocram may come on. In the upper extremity, a spasmodic flexion of the fin-

key ; some special person being responsible for their on this sul)Joct. IIo stifjr^'ested tliat excessive enthusiasm had nocram medicine of every Thomsonian phj'sician in the land. There is always a tor- the cost of gain for the corn-fed lot is given as $4.18 per 100 pounds,

of the first order but more rapidly than in the milk at the same temperature. vey microorganisms belonging to the paratyphoid group. to town it was quite easy on palpation to find a tumour taking

products it has seemed to me that the facts already

sue, and the testimony of its existence. The reappearance of na- leaflets were distributed. The Clinical Center lobby, with its array of seven menocramp tablet upon the change in the temperature, ences to sub-normal temperature, it has

have an instantaneous and brilliant eflect on the attacks of pain. — This obscure disease, consequent upon gonorrhoea, Dr. Zeissl ardous seems the attempt, my own conviction is that all of the by a layer of lymph, and their borders are more abruptly defined. They

great affinity for water. Issues are made with it ; a piece of adhe-


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