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noticed that he limped slightly. Nothing daunted, however, dur-

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siderable vascularization, but as tht^ abscess becomes

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ception. The cutaneous phenomena take place at are then incubated and the presence or absence of

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vial, often with difiiculty, lack of surgical cleanli-

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fluid medium and the product called brass oil. This

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ture duties as strong citizens in no wav exhausting

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in the early stages of the disease and we felt that

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concussion, fractured base, etc. In his opinion the

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Hippocrates. Octr.rcs completes (Paris; J. B. Baillicre. i."'39-iS6i).

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chronic cases were really cases of psoitis, in the proper sense of

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but in which it never at any time existed. Thus we often find

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Greene, Joseph C, Buffalo. Tremaine, W. S., Buffalo.

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cornua uteri (I use the expression merely from analogy) ob-

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MiTTExnoRF. — In Crugers. X. Y., on Saturday. February

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where disease is not, and in thus turning our attention to other

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tonomic apparatus that part of the physiological or-

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carefully examined for the presence of urine ; for I greatly feared,

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treatment was a distinct advantage in handling such

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in acidity (concentration acidity) and also contain-

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product of conception." — p. 210. And consequently its pre-


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