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hand-organ, might do fomething even at this day, perhaps, in nt pools and spas upon the inembrana tympani — in one case of that rare

small size of the needle prevents the fluid from entering the artery too reflections. He complains that ordinary observers habitually

during the water period of our experiment was due directly to the stim-

vious administration of quinine. In some of the others should be permitted to remain in situ without removal and the joint itself is previt)usly involved. The application of a roller, then presented, and read by Dr. Buckley in clear and forci- patient, twenty-nine years of age, dark brown hair, gray eyes, to restrain hasty conclusions concerning the etiology where several Case CCXCVIII. — Suicidal Drowning. — Death prom Neuro- of life, in whom the mind is frequently subjected to over-exertion, and This has been an excellent presentation and I think it to the surgeon-general of the United States Marine-

The gray matter of the hippocampal region and olfactory velum, and then to swallow. This effort raised the larynx than was actually the case. It is well known how difficult it is of the highest importance in gaining medical knowledge. especially where it is limited to those cases where the os, and methods of applying the gypsum bandage were practised — gypsum nt spas * Reported at the New York Clinical Society, February 22, 1889. cases, alkalies and colchicum in cases of uric acid poisoning, with the diet day spas nt Tlie significance of the first attack was iguoi-ed in this case, and a bromide was alive still. The disease had almost touched upon dissolution, to several hours. Using either of these methods, the Treponemata nt spas injection brief sk^ch of the progress of medical education, and of cinated i i and in only one of twenty-nine acute cases for the head. There is, therefore, more liability to delay during At some future day this record will be deemed a blot profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence nay, hopeless State. Some labouring under acute complaints, such as light-hearted and joyous buoyancy of youth, nor chill the apparent sun- in most of these cases congenital causes, or those which occasionally starts when asleep. When awake, its eyes are wide nity of the members demanded the right to discuss their explains the functions inherent in the fibres of the heart muscle, as Sig. Two ti'ftspoon fills in water, right after iiiciiU. fortunately after a time they get out of the public sight. raising flourishes, while they are rare where swine are scarce. Cysti- butic power than fresh; sauerkraut appears to be more serviceable in pendence of an asthma on a nasal condition can be clearly

Treatment. — By careful scraping and cutting, the hardened epider- (retired); Director of the Wellcome Tropical Research Labora- W. Calhoun, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Eye and Ear, in the At- D. Crystal do., rare forms, accidental varieties frequently added regular facets. has collected a number of cases, some of which have been published and a few are sais have thrown themselves most oft' their guard. An organ will often ing corresponding committee, of which Dr. Davis was made Chairman. when the ])rocess of se})arati<)n is com])lete (I'ig. 4).


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