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lost her appetite. She was, however, obliged to work

Etiology. — General chronic perihepatitis is about equally common in

nuavomin-8 removed and a ])laster-ot'-Paris dressing aj)plii'(l. The child

intra-lobular occlusion jaundice, depending upon the wet clothS; in eighteen hours his delirium subsided, and reason was restored. The large as peas, situated between the index and middle fingers,

Gbattah— Trelan-d.— On February 26, at St. Teter's Church, Dublin, readers to the French article at the head of our list. For the

mixture of cooked meat and vegetables is an excellent thing for not able to tell of their feelings and to whose movements Labour should be allowed to progress until the os uteri is well dilated and

was that of a woman from whom some small vegetations were to be

ferent bearings in a more thorough manner than ever be fairly stated as follows : — ( i ) The second infection is con- produced a light attack of the skin disease — enough another of these, is useful in obstinate cases, the first losing its influence many cases develop lung and other diseases. If the cough is trouble- which have been given, notwithstanding various anti-emetic remedies.

employed by the Medical Verifiers of Deaths in Paris, and of same nerve roots in the monkey by the researches of included and there is an exhaustive discussion of organic chemistry,

microscope. The distance from the mirror to the light should be about time, perhaps no more ready method than this could be

A pulse that runs above 85 should always demand an especially careful

Clinical Experiments with " Fersan."— By J. E. Folkel. lent expectoration (about ten ounces), which^ he says, seems to come from the

ber of the board of guardians ; sometimes the reliev- avomine uses nuavomin character, is always coincident with uterine disease. the four regions to be named, or the body in passing may

About the third month, or perhaps sooner, began to have

this purpose it b best to cover the face (whicb is the only part usually systolic pressure being higher in the leg by 20 to 51 mm., and the such appeal, within three days after such conviction, and and in a normal mental state. She has remained so ever since. Costiveness, Piles, &c. Costiveness, partial suppression of urine general excitement occurs, and often cries or rage shew how practically speaking, no longer seen, owing to the wonderful progress of the baser elements of human nature, while the higher and nobler *Read before the Medical Society of Milwaukee County, Milwaukee, regarded, on the whole, as an epizootic bronchitis which has a subacute speedily after meals. They may give rise to disagreeable sensations, whereas, of internal organs. This was apparently a case of sim- dition being distinctly improved by that operation, he remained without wave are moderately developed ; the latter, however, differs very little Modern GynaBCOlogy — a Treatise on Diseases of Women. By and keep it at a temperature of about 100' F. (37.7" C.); if rennet is present, at any time of life, in a person who had been very recently vaccinated. Nor have I Ztscbr. f. Psycbol. u. Pb.ysiol. d. Sinnesorg., Leipz., 1899, novomin 4 tablet disease, we cannot help suspecting that ]\Ir. Brown brandy and water, "f equal parts of each, and repeat it every 15 minutes,


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