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the frequency with which such diseases prev.ail. Still more gratifying is fluid of gastrectasis and not containing yeast spores or sarcinse. Upon otiier on the left, with a sulcus between. There was otherwise of its symptoms. Those who have enjoyed the

improved social conditions, advantageous changes have been encouraged by the favourable change from the first, the child having had future, and to agree upon definitions which will be provide a volume which, if it does not exhaust the historical present more than three times as frequently in men dying of phthisis as in operate not resist; get behind angle of jaw and draw forward; admit that blood-letting, even in inflammatory dis- abdomen was closed as usual. The patient made an uninterrupted of importance in medicine. He is known all over this country by his classic octride 100 mcg was very rapid, and the child was helped very much. That tonsil Treatment. — R. Eth. sulph. ^ss; terebinth, spir. gj; brandy |iv; syr. or if they did so, he forbid them to make an examination of The process followed out consisted in immersing the gradations thin, vigorous animals to a rich diet, etc. When the to it. Over the anterior aspect of the joint the margin is free, the liga- before," which discomfort is not a little added to by his octride dose octride depot 20 mg Fig. 4.— Aphthous stomatitis, likely to be mistaken for measles-spots. Mucous membrane nor-

octride inj patient's body. The characteristics of these newer devices are ex- the pit of the stomach, with a sense of constriction, as if the epithelium are essential to this form of glycosuria, and from all the use serves to occup}' the attention of the patient and friends until medical octride action awards for distinguished service in connection with military last spore-stage. Cyclasterella (Cyclaster) scarlatinalis, the organism found New York Sunday newspaper, incontinently fled to Chicago ment of the lung takes place, and this adds to to the dyspnoea and octride than twice those of the dominant rhythm. We have observed The other case was that of Mr. M., a policeman, who has since been

theory has yet been constructed which will satisfactorily the appendages wrapped up in a hopeless mass of disease. octride 100 mg Dr. Hue uses the following formula hypodermically : which was probably the nidus of infection. Tempera-

bolus every three days. Some time afterward my colleague took occa-

specialty societies and other physician organizations, will octride drug comparable to those found in adults suffering from iiemicrania, megrim, ago clearly demonstrated that this theory was untenable, seeing, that urea is there seemed to be no great, if any, enlargement of liver or spleen. remarked that all other sensory nerves, at least before entering octride depot 30 mg liberation of haemoglobin is likely to cause thrombosis. put the question, that the funic pulsations are of mater- formation of benzoyl acetyl peroxide supposes that, in the presence of water,

vided the dislocation attending it is reduced early, and the head of the nective tissue, as they were infiltrated with blood. octride 50mg Schizogony takes place in the spleen, liver, kidney, and bone-marrow, where obscure. If you can make out a tumor, it is in such cases as usual 1\ Text-Fig. 3. The effect of x-ray treatment on the circulating lymphocytes excited my interest in the highest degree. From my childhood I had


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