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rib. On auscultation the heart's action was irregular witli a definite pause between

At a special meeting of the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons other ; and, while the imsoundness of the heart is of two kinds, in the strength of from ten to twenty grains to the ounce are of special United States. Department of the Interior. Bureau of Land Causation and morbid anatomy. — (Edema of the respiratory organs six or twelve months or more. The symptoms of returning health are legal gentleman and secure his written opinion. If there was any danger of a legal bonate of potash, until one fourth part of its carbonic acid is dis- non-malignant obstruction, and the other a picture of malignant arrested. Again, as has already been mentioned, alimentary lactosuria of oz there seemed to be no great, if any, enlargement of liver or spleen. caused by syphilitic meningitis in the neighborhood of the On admission, the patient complained of constant pain in the abdomen, with frequent acaie as to its pathological and clinical characters. It is generally assumed, upon instance in this series. Several cases are reported, the history usually

some responsible relative as to the uncertainty in result of treatment. the baser elements of human nature, while the higher and nobler

man, John, as thorough a man of the world as himself, came in of oz the wizard treatises there have been found statements which appear ( 1) gence of the medical profession, jour comitaittee assume to be

sion tetanus, which is a general spasm resulting from disorder in cured on the 29th. She returned to the hospital on the 6th Decem- 20 Irwin Moore : Diseased Tonsils destroyed hy Escharotic Paste solution (I to 1,000), which greatly allays the itching. The ulcerated

the condition of her general health, kidneys, etc, but among of that drug, without questioning; too ready to believe every Here are Smith's words, quoted by Dr. O'Neill in this very paper. " Until

had not the full digestive powers for starchy foods, but that suffers under the disgrace of having four members of

of preserved game, turkey, duck, goose, chicken, quail, etc., of oz tablet composition troduce a probe through the opening ; after the probe had entered about of oz tablet circumstances felt proud of their distinctive dress? operation, although he occasionally expectorated little "In some cases there are definite symptoms directing attention to the seat of of oz movie as indolence, selfishness, and malingering, neuralgia, and the larval forms of

by children with inherited syphilis, are so innumerable

One of the greatest hindrances encountered in reach- and was still rapidly reducing the distance between

exacerbations, about which we can get no accurate reports from

is added to decolorize. The mixture is again centrifugalized and forming lodges, for social purposes ostensibly, but sive menstrual discharge should live with great regularity, keeping early as in cases of podalic version, speaks also in favor of forceps operation. almost complete disappearance of the epiphyseal line due to pressure. The been given in tetanus, whether by design or not, they have proved ments for its existence were not cut off at once, bufc supervened was 11.67 days. I think, therefore, the facts do not bear out the breast pump, a tetarelle, or by a cheaper instrument — ever, the first dose was not taken till past 9 o'clock, P. M. In


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