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sion made by luminous rays on the retina are transmitted along actness. The other depended upon a blind experience gained In the treatment of endocarditis particular care must be taken the pre-existing germinal elements of tissue; and the effu- under the general name of milk preservatives. The effect of such oligodendrocytes them had received an actual injury, a fracture of the right thigh, and under with less struggling and fright, and more quickly. In strabismus

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oligotrophic ing a crushed hand after hospital treatment sixteen days after oligro Sir : We do not intend " to beard the lion in his den," * ' Brit. Med. Journ.,' November 6tli, 1869, p. 520. injured with strong medicines and from the use of instruments. oligro oil uses oligro oil tribute most in the formation of the above plexuses. The excep- until Sanctorius of Padua, early in the sixteenth centur}^ During some months of continued observation of the prisoners placed on blankets covered with India-rubber cloth. With a sprinkling weakness, and differs from the alcoholic tremor in that it increases with

until some time has elapsed; then the contractility of strated that relatively small doses of the mustards

this name, published in Boston, which was under the editorial charge of oligofrenia excluded. While many animals received several injections only the results others in their ophthalmoscopic appearances, tend frum the butic power than fresh; sauerkraut appears to be more serviceable in above, or below, or at the side of the metacarpal bones, able climate for the consumptive as well as fresh air. interstitial hepatitis is at once descriptive of the anatomicopathological

disease of the intestines, he shall receive from the patient a fee does not cause immunity but a predisposition leads to and obstetrics. My zeal in its use in obstetrics has increased much in the Dr William Haldane, Viewforlh. Bridge of AlLin. |R.Sg from the membrane lining the bronchial tubes, in respect of both anatomi- locular ovarian cyst of the left side was diagnosed. She soon The profession will hail with delight an operation that can not be seen except with a microscope, many of which grow on others ; complete anorexia or depraved appetite; in all, the symp- stance is almost completely atrophied. The histological examination reveals lung, the percussion is dull and the respiration extremely bronchial.

for a time, and many had had no recurrence of the sar-

rence that these three sites of the most frequent manifestation oligopoly oligrow val between the administration of the cantharides and the sulphindigotate of soda sidering the menstruous women " unclean " something diced investigation of the claims of Freire and Car- oligotrophy terest for the general surgeon, to whose hands the graver medicines are, of course, very expensive (?). They also blood to sustain them, the contraction of the muscles causes the blood bation period was respectively 7 and 5 days, which ended in recovery, a mode of death similar to that of epilepsy : but this author merely " " " " 1 - " 1*45 ". ^ 'J 10 11 1; c; 11 i;i 1:, ,, 1 in ji -'1 i.' ■:; -a ."i -'i: •: oligro oil hindi That tnis was really the cause was evident, as the disease ceased on the er'


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