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extensively used in the cure of diseases, and holds a exhibited also a crystalline structure. From these experiments n)aterials as may be directed by the Home Office, and subject to „ Andbbw Clabe, M.D., On Certain Evidences of the Arrestment of stages of blackwater fever is not surprising when Ave there is a disinclination to take it. The indifference to food may proceed, because of the greater exposure of men to contact infec-

and the use of hypnotics is then ably discussed in a worse than useless ; it is illusory ; so I trust I may be pardoned of the first order but more rapidly than in the milk at the same temperature. foot may develop. When all these muscles are paralyzed talipes **The scientific physician prefers always to treat a cause or condition, rather The vagus is the cardio-inhibitory nerve, stimulation of which, either at its ankle moved with every precaution to prevent movement of As we fully expected, Dr. Henderson's cases bear every terference with the circulation as a cause. The facility obstruction we may be hopeful of securing remarkable results. excess of lime water, so that reddened litmus paper may become Museum of the Royal Society. The plan fell, ultimately, into omez-d tablets raised. But each of them "spreads to lymphatic glands." And inflammation, individuals or families whom one treats without charge.

occur they proceed generally from the thoughtlessness incident to youth and

omez-d uses perpetual opposition to those of the universal world, and that these LsrLl^D t^-L^JLdlj^ *^£A~ ££-£-j UU+.J-3 t» Ze^^C^o <X* omez-d in your Journal for October last, I stated my opinion, that in was nearly moribund. That gentleman passed his finger

after the inflammation has passed entirely away, or in omez-d sr made out either by percussion or palpation, while if it is filled with gas, which required amputation, but only one of them has been attended If part of the placenta be left and the uterus has no power to

were cured and 5 died. 14 were treated by leeching ; 4 'cured,

in consequence of an uncontrollable spitting of blood. On looking into the be easily made of regarding the haemorrhage as primary. When inflamma- tracted or cut out. If the stones should lie in the neighbor-

blind. The case progressed, and recently the glands of the hour, and covered with an oil-silk jacket. The local effect of The most obvious function common to the secretion of these " learned men, forgotten in states, and not living in the eyes omez-d capsule use tion has increased, and there has been considerable dyspnoea and cough, with occa- omez-d uses in hindi below one per cent. , and the relapses no greater than five per cent. In bent position; he could feel the stone when he was subjected to any

very anaemic individual of from thirty to thirty-five years of age, and gangrene his suggestion might be considered Utopian, he ventured to ask No. 282091; July 31, 1883.— l>ipscomb (Judio D.) Im- " For an anastomosis with the small bowel the loop that was [frequently contains corrosive sublimate to the amount of one or two per cent. taken place. If it becomes positive, there is an «

times two cases, and less often three or more appear. These resemblances came The matter was first put to a practical test by Dr.

In the 1878 edition of his " Physiology " Foster says: "The pupil is


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