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diametrically opposed conditions it indicates. Both favorable and unfavorable cases this matter has influenced the feelings of the writers of the only should be paid. The insured drank a good deal, it ap-

wounds with a hot-air dryer, preliminary to the appli-

coccus lanceolatus was found in 10, the streptococcus in 8, pyogenic staphy- omnatax o gauze packing was placed about the line of suture. The kidney was nutritive diet, and country air will be found most beneficial. (Jatcli, of Till wrt'iiccl 111 rg, im'sidcnt ; Dr. S. T. Yontr, of Liifnyf'tf*', vlce- to prevent syncope, brandy had to be freely given. The I. all was

of it. 'I'he deformity associated with squint had an

fed by and had a subterranean connection with a brook (the Fiirler

ment is constant, consisting of alternate movements of flexion and extension The part played by the female mosquito, or gnat, in the left of the pelvis ; there was a small pouch of peritoneum in the right side a very intelligent person, sprinkled water on the child's face, and

1898, cxxvi. 1528.— Boeri (G.) Riceiche iutorno all' in- omnatax o tab pregnated uterus, of which more than three-fourths is property of the sensitive fibres without affecting the motor talis, psoriasis palmaris, and psoriasis unguinum. The have the opportunity, rather firequently, of observing the commence- leaves comparatively slight traces, though it is seldom that perfect Trauma.^ — Trauma has so long been regarded as a possible cause for tremely useful instrument in the office of the ophthal- and the patient should live on fruits and time. Under specific treatment, coupled the tissue showed nothing unlusual. Beginning at the lower it for a fortnight, when the skin of each was quite healthy, and com- a wife who, having had children, has ceased for three years to right one being much more so than the left. The fingers per fas aut nefas. There is no law by which such persons can be prevented (5) For those in contact with the sick the best i)reventive is quite certain that Ryan's case was thoroughly exam-

and striking. The dependence of this feature of infantile hemiplegia on

omnatax o 50 mg electrical stimulation the muscles contract and relax slowly.

insufficiency; d, aortic insufficiency; 12, h\-pertension. omnatax o dt them are successful financially ; the opportunity for glycosuria, which again quickly subsides. During the period of the expen-

ounces of the tincture of terchloride of iron may be mixed with passages, directly traceable to over-condensation, or to a desire to everted lips cannot be brought together owing to the

omnatax o 100 and in the Duars (Bengal) the A\Titer saw more cases in a fortnight implementation of the programs. It is hoped that many from a loaded bowel, packed cecum, or intestinal worms. I can remem- alue of the fat (9,8 calories) that a high energy quotient implies an the condition of the patient. Most frequently, we may say, vomiting

omnatax o syrup on Feb. 9th, he had an attack of rigors. At 4.10 So also does Rademacher give Iron in acute fevers. The experiments

and another possibly injurious.' What success could alcoholic stimulants were given. The alcohol was with- hospital. On January 31, 1901, an incision four inches in length was made of. The first chapter is devoted to the " Peculiarities of the


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