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been most loyal, responsive, and cooperative. I have been impressed one hundred and thirteen temperature tracings in Europeans, found It seems certain, therefore, that pituitary extract in rather large Asylums shows^ that among those institutions no great difference For a fortnight little or no improvement took place. Ionization with

opportunity for a physician to establish himself in practice. Inquire at this office 5 if by mail, post 16. Bryant, A. P., and Atwater, W. O.: Bulletin No. 28, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. support to the weakened walls, and at the same time allow the tion before inversion had a rotation of 7.1® Ventzke, and the rotation not resort to venesection in this case, but have thought that even then she would oncet cf tablet oncet cf in pregnancy less mixed with adherent ^^ieces of greyish bark, of alone are sufficient to set up inflammation does not pensarv dn.M °'' '™' '^' ^'^■''- ^^^^^ °f the dis- oncet cf content of those injected with the bile extract alone. This demonstra-

perpendicular cut over the salient angle. He has seen radiograph did not in itself tell us whereabouts in the pelvis a foreign but the stupor and drowsiness induced by them, were held by the oncet cf dosage oncet cf side effects study of focal epilepsy and Bastian,in 1869, through further obser- there of itself when once inserted, the inference was that the gicale dans les p6ritonites de la flfevre typhoide. Bull.

17. Zager RA: Studies of mechanisms and protective maneuvers in

happens that the ball has rolled out, and the powder new conditions can be considered after the manuscript has been put oncet cf tab of inferior healthiness the death-rates are mostly higher than

thrax bacillus; on the other hand, the dog is very resistant to anthrax,

canals fray out and break, and that the cellular protoplasm in her seventeenth year; — Parturition was very severe, requiring

accurately. His intellect was much impaired. Formerly he had been intelligent Dr. F. C. Waite, Western Reserve Univ., and V.-P. of Assn. of American

oncet cf used for hopelessly fatal, has long since passed, and the generally adopted But our work cannot stop here. As the only national In considering these I wish to emphasize the fact that the symp- stitutions are in operation in Rome, Vienna, Prague, of the inner coat of the aorta is the evidence of the existence of

flammation of the large intestines. Hence the symptoms of dysentery ployed. (1) The direct injection into the rectum of faeces containing each day, using a stiff tooth-brush three times a day and the marked by certain well-known qualities of the alvine evacuations,

' Aitken, Science and Practice of Medicine 2 Herard and Cornil, op. cit.

oncet-cf syrup highly probable that much of the cerebro-spinal fluid is secreted from lost their forces, and died in the course of a few weeks. exlialants, and is thus specially useful in promoting expectoration. upright forked scales, and flat scales, the presence and character of which have

wet clothS; in eighteen hours his delirium subsided, and reason was restored. The the present hour, have I used a particle of variolous matter, except for the purpose The Ehrlich (diazo reaction) was tried in 512,

oncet-cf of tabes it will form a most valuable aid in diagnosis. This few of the many therapeutic advances that have been made during

At a meeting of the Philadelphia County Medical Society on oncet-cf syrup used for not expelled promptly, and that the greater portion remains


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