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the amount of sodium chloride — .6 of 1 per cent. — contained
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large railroad injury practice covering a period of sixteen years it has
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which by the offer of such opportunities, may be made to shine
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cervix. The contrast in significance to the patient and in
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natural thickness, and its internal lining and valves bearing no
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by a moderate heat, leaves circular zeolitic bodies, showing the radiating striae
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ature was sufficient to kill numerous pathogenic bacteria
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study of Dr. Chalmers's paper before the meeting, the more so as he (the
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then of a livid colour, approaching to black; the pulse
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tissue left. The most advanced changes are found in the hypoglossal
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Dr. Stokes. With Portrait and Memoir. 8vo. cloth, 14s.
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After speaking of the difficulty of diagnosis, and the doubts
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gne. Sur un cas d'epith61iomadu pied. Gaz. hebd. d. sc.
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and grow much more rapidly than the distal two-thirds,
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velopmental phases of these parasites to quinin, on account of which
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and the other the posterior surface of reversed flap it-
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washed with a small amount of dilute sulphuric acid (not more than
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easily be proved by conclusive experiments : still, however, its intrinsic
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ness at the neck of the bladder — manifested themselves.
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structions: a bath 10° below the body temperature, lowered
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hours later with 0.5 cc of horse serum intravenously, developed
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good example is that produced by an infarct in the spleen. There is
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off Juan Fernandez the thermometer fell to 60® with fresh
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rational treatment of tetanus, and the injections are
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very quickly after the use of iodoform ; disappearing fully as
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of diagnosis as mitral stenosis. To illustrate I will report two
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There were 12 cases of Excision of the Head of the Femur on record
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If the haemorrhage can be satisfactorily stopped for the time necessary to
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emaciated, feverish and sodden with the dribbling of urine, miserable beyond
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If this were more commonly done, there would be fewer of those pa-
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to insulate objects hidden in electrical boxes and make sure
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becomes much more difficult when several animals are affected
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bases his treatment on subcutaneous division of these structures, and
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speculum I am sure will never be without it, for it
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Mr. J. Brendon Curgenven, 11, Craven-hill-gardens, Bays-
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that the patient begged to be put under his former treatment
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A recent letter from him states that they are proceeding
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secretion. Minced raw pancreas promotes the digestion of fat and protein.
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trophy within 10 days, while that in stasis atrophies, and thus the
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is used upon the first or second day I believe there is less likelihood
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also the heads of these bones. After several months of suffering a
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Tlie band of hyperaesthesia described in the cases of disseminated myelitis
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Misce: fiat mistura cujus sumatur 5j. sextis horis.
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Cathartics, emmenagogues, etc., did no good. Not having seen or heard any-
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doubtedly that meconate and hydrochlorate of morphia are in no way antago-
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