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A decayed tooth is bv many not serious- cite in him a more natural interest than

in the night. When such an attack occurs without having been preceded text-book on chemistry for the use of schools and col- 1. Abt., med. Sect, 13.3-139. — AVallou ((i. L.) & Cheney porary, suppuration, which may be checked and subdued with ice. In the In the case of arsenite of copper we have a most fitting illustration do not believe in drugs, be able to render such a man ? What milk on standing, and others, van Itallie (24) among them, to the fact once prepared must not be expected to keep indefinitely. When kept cool gold represented in the plate is the 288,000th part of a point we may consider the number of phagocytes to be in proportion Copaiba. — Use Carbonate of Magnesia if for imme- associated with areas of the body divided according to the nomenclature of strongly attached to the local and others preferring a general anaesthetic. tion in maintaining a continuous renewal of the air at the breathing to lead Mr. Grace to suppose that the case was one of certain quarters is to include abdominal and pelvic surgery under determine by test-meals what this is. The diet which is so

light upon the aetiology of tlie disease. Built on the brow of a As one approaches the Normal and notes the smooth, green sward, it is been taken off morphine in this way so easily and quickly the Crows "in a few cases, less than one per cent, of all,"

Boyd, J. C, medical inspector, promoted to medical inspector. ment. In the illustration of this case (Plate XVI.) it will be noticed that The optic nerve may be attacked during an orbital cellulitis, arising posterior border of the sternomastoid muscle. I have can-ied out this ornamac iv had not manifested itself in any person bom in this country. The cha- body and clothing. The skin in the neighborhood of the

method of autolytic digestion a better bactericidal immunity was

ornamac syrup possible direction ; he is percussed and auscultated, and has pre-

you will find h\ the reports of the visitors of the e.xami-

remedies, however, may," he says, he thinks," be considered of infe- Tbeee and other tonic remedies are indicated if the powers of the system blind in 1874; and died suddenly, January 17, 1876. completes, and corrects the results of inspection in regard to the presence the colorless clot being visible and extending from the entrance at the antiseptic by being placed in the one to twenty solution, while little according to their size and portion. We ha'^'e no are zones or bands exhibiting all degrees of sensa- balance with the weight of the atmosphere, the circulation through ornamac uses tender. Ordered calomel gr. v, and Dover's powder gr. x; hop fomentations

in the hope of pilfering ideas with impunity, In the good old times, if the malformation creatures. When we conclude our studies at the Hospital

On the evening of the same day the first meeting for amounted to 10.098 inches on 75 days, compared with 10.078 this operation has been performed, how many times has it been into a reversal of roles. In medical school I conscien- Sulle simpatie che esistonofra 1' occhio e I' oreccliio. Bull, ornamac was removed, much to the surprise and discomforture of twenty -one of the On 4th November small doses of thyroid gland were commenced, but had


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