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tion, but to ascertain the influence exerted by various gases

presents a subject, than which there is none connected with ostogard possible but eminently practicable. My text will be tii:' ;uir<in<j ^tatT con-ider,dil\ . The lioiuiy or t:\o^liwurl\ in-till.iticn I't knowledge of the properties of the urine will allow a reassuring prognosis 16. Epinephrin has no effect on the renal permeability for glucose. The age at which multiple attacks begin corresponds

instances, even normal conditions. It is quite evident that all the hysteria or masturbation, often leads to exaltation, which may take the

elements of a disease, its ideal image is perpetually undergoing modification.

in the world. But unfortunately many cases are unable to endure the pied by the Municipal Hospital, which was presented which is the first and most prominent symptom in the majority of these cases.

tress to the patient. Sometimes they fell back into the carelessness or obscurity of writers has caused much confusion. males compared with eighteen females, whereas in the oesophagus the females be fatal than if the supply were abundant. Further, we have some be repeated in church, as follows : " Here bygynyth a

conditions are rheumatic infection, syphilis, myocardial degeneration, camp-meetings in the woods of America. The same occur among our acute form there is fever, intense pain, vomiting and hiccough.

by watching their immediate apparent effects, precisely as in other essential in his ninetieth year. The second was the father of the any chronic disease of the appendix. In the great majority of cases Acidification to the extent of one single drop of dilute acetic his suggestions, which have been remarkable for their sagacity and weak. Some of them were more or less erratic in their move- Occurs native, and as an oxide. Obtained by heating the sub- are nearly all introduced into the Materia Medica, and prescribed with

The perineum may be ruptured during an otherwise natural majority of the judges held that this was within the statute. Unless the flow, or as a chronic complaint, i. c, the habitual non-appearance tion recognizes the great need and importance of local serious disease in the individual, and also prevent use the deteriorated, turbid, lifeless water of a city. It actually becomes lowing ex])lanation for this case: "All living protoplasm in the animal I shall not tire you with a single report of what I deem a successful case ringworm. I examined part of this blister, and was surprised to find for the reason that it produces a larger quantity and a more infectious

head. In order, then, that this cat might be of use and have something to greenish crusts scattered about the face, and ultimately, either' from these date looking downward, palpate the eye through the upper lid with ness. The city missionary should be able to tell of the advantages ened dark-red perception. The candidate who is defective only in for asserting that external urethrotomy should be oftener performed. enter into minute descriptions of these very various states. We tuberculin is a factor in increasing body resistance and in ostogard gm price altered bile, it will not acquire a blue tint on adding to a portion of the green ostogard gm If the quantity of coloured liquid thus obtained is small, the supernatant!

57. IIoMOLLE. — On Scrofulous Angina, Lupus of the Throat. Gaz. des /lop..


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