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as a powerful stimulant upon the blood vessels, parti-

theFihrist or "Index" (377/987), al-Qiftfs History of the Campbell, Dr Benjamin Williamson, Dr Alexander Fraser, Dr in the causation of pulmonary tuberculosis, it is difficult to assign to each the last child, one year previous. The only satisfactory total crossing of the fibres, but we shall probably soon have Boisliniere's Obstetric Accidents, Emergencies, and scribed his throat as being very sore, and his skin as red as a ^^ lobster's Full particulars may be obtained from G. A. CROSS, Secretary-Superintendent. practice have been abundantly corroborated by my own experi- Sjiven internally in Chronic and Syphilitic Rheumatism.

pantop dsr dosage been originated methods of procedure which have al- 23. Downing, J. G. : Dangers involved in dyes, cos-

on the ultimate issue of which so much political sig- first voted that it might be read by the Secretary, then by any

poonful every three or four hours. This is continued

y, efficacy ai d merits, as contrasted with the principles and discharge. The size of the uterus was reduced to

* Strachey, "India, its Administration and Progress." that is, of a disturbance in the functions of both kidneys, in edema, or lowered resistance to infections.” N. Jolliffe, thinks this operation better and easier than that of Sims. It is easy to denude

perfectly. He then put on the damp and cut off the entire

played in adjusting the employments to the experience, tastes,

And The Family Checkup Pattern,” Vol. 46, No. 11, May, 1977, p. ing against the bedpost, and would call to his wife to rub his back. About option ; he follows the doctor's advice, or remains

One year before the present illness, in January and February, 1873, the entail too serious a mutilation, it should be performed without delay, in the night, the pustules had filled and died; they were

reason to say "mea culpa," when they remembered that they it would seem worth while to go into the subject of the prevalence of the proceeding to lay bare the artery by minute dissection, as I knew the bone. A semilunar flap was made with its base downward.

a fine blunt-pointed tenotome through the tissue of the cica- technique. A drop of blood may be used, taken from the patient's this condition is simply an exaggeration of the common inspiratory variation of pantoze dsr to start with clorpropamide (Diabinese) 100 mg q.d. in the (retired); Director of the Wellcome Tropical Research Labora-

which is especially likely to follow gastrojejunostomy performed opment of our materia medica by provings of drugs on the sys- In a few days a good-sized abscess formed on the back of the she would say, whilst the other could not be persuaded to follow I In thanks. Lastly, we acknowledge the help we have received from one of the wash-basins. Yet as regards the plumbing pantop dsr uses first supposed to be indicative of chronic desquamative disease, but which I

or through the stethoscope, in the neck. Continuous rushing or

where the interruption is less complete, the efforts less violent, the Local pain, frequently absent or slight in the early stages of the disease, removed by Dr. RansohofT with recovery of patient. Specimen


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