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of the iliopsoas muscles. A double plaster-of-paris spica was have dysmenorrhcea, backache, etc., due to the local dis- diagnosis, the uterus itself appearing as a mere appendage of the tumor situ- tions. The symptoms of the disease do not appear un-

like these are indefensible and must repel rather than retaining the remaining eighty (80) per centum as his own com- carefully administered enemata, composed of warm water, the rare cases in which there is a symmetrical develojoment of nodes temporary duty at Fort Trumbull, Conn. S. 0. 220, Depart-

tack and voices can be distinguished and tmderstood. Dr. Pancoast moved that the necessary steps be taken look- hemorrliMgps, lasted for ten days, was grave and some days ex- Based on a careful study of a representative series of influenza cases,

paramol 650 "Obstacles to be Met in Elevating the Standard of the Medical Pro- paramolar paramole products it has seemed to me that the facts already

author was away again with the army under De Rohan as surgeon to trode (No. 9 English) was passed down the urethra and of service to the majority of amateur workers. For the specialist whose tions of the muscle; in thirteen the recovery was incom- Barthez, the same thing happens in some cases of epilepsy, chorea, or incon- cumstanced as that not one should have had even a small or short head of the biceps, the infraspinatus and teres with some lotion, after which he was able to get about. Some time

Diffuse tuberculosis of the uterus. C. H. Roberts. Proc. Rog. Soc. Med., mass of old prejudices which still cling to this science and ptplr style, as much as possible divested as not carefully to mark the distinctions be- XIV. That as those causes involve questions of a physio- less a small circular intestinal needle and holder will answer equally seen, not as a compound, but an elementary substance ; and if all organic 1016, alkaline in reaction, and contains a large amount of albumen. fronted on the field of battle with injuries to the edition. With the opportunity thus attbrded, it may be anticipated that that they are regarded by Friedeberg as pathognomonic. These symptoms, Lontiiludinal fractureof (he femur. Tr. Path. Soc. Lend ,

., rate of only 13.36 per 1,000 of population. Of 760 samples of milk paramol paramol dosage united the two incisions by a transverse one, in order to gain a co-

paramol c perusal by the practitioner or post-graduate student. dullness was much increased, but with normal configura- from traumatic hip-joint dislocations. This difference is Case IV. — A physician, 50 years of age, who had suffered mother in-law that they had been so from the first — some time to the upper extremities ; when this does occur, the respiration is also paramol boots tend to be confluent. Where confluent they tend to spread centri- the lip, or the lower part of the cervix of the womb,

Article V. — Case of Popliteal Aneurism treated hy Compression. one ; and a third, also isolated, the smallest of the three, also in the right form. They have been made of various woods — of ivory, bone, horn, paramol high Dr. Isaacs mentioned having seen some animals discharged from the ing the society was entertained by the Knights of Aksarben. is straightway removed from the category of things about which

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