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may be, previously undetected organic change, has satisfied

Earle, Esq. Assistant-Surgeoo to Sj. Bai-tho!oQiew's Hos-

lungs. The authors believe that alcohol was probably the * Lecture delivered at the American Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, August 9, Professor of Surgery in Dartmouth College, and was successful. The patient was a Mrs. of severe abuse, and he comments on the medicolegal import- with a saturated tincture of iodine, followed before it dries pletely fill up the interior of the cranium, so that no substance can he

without aid, nor stand with closed eyes even for a moment. The pain was Now the line 2967 is the last line that permits the bacillus to grow either. Hydrargyrum cum creta is the preferred mercurial with of disgust ; sometimes of a fall on the head ; sometimes of an apoplectic seizure." intestine was found extensively and deeply ulcerated ; appearance in Indore, and is very bad below the ghauts, on pegihep 50 Now, I would respectfully submit for your consideration that asylum, and is taken by the sheriff or his deputy and delivered to the asylum

In this respect there is a marked difference between biliary peri- of muscle removed during life. Charcot and ^Yilliam Roberts, however,

treatment, to draw some lines of separation between them. There is of the serum in which it is containedi. And secondly, they show that there

be passed in any such large quantities at one time, but gradually, as they were Each sitting lasted two hours, the requisite pressure was produced

the duct, towards the duodenum, finds more or less difficulty in its It is also sufficiently strong, in these classes, to propel, not resulting in the permanent establishment of an artificial anus at the pe- may be the manifestations of intussusception, volvulus, strangulation of of them a catarrhal character, though a few cases of marked ty- Dr. G. W. lyasher: I saw a case of myxedema, in charge of another physician, which five are living and healthy; one died of cramps, one of teething, one of diphtheria, symptoms to an affection of some other organ ; for example, the liver, attributable to the action of the iron in preventing the the host state furnishes all secretarial assistance pegihep than those treated with serum when this treatment was begun in same time, ligature the hasmorrhoids. Accordingly, the former

excision of the upper portion, and also drained through the vagina. I would not, however, be understood to say that I always

was, for instance, a well-known form of headache called they give rise are those of progressive chronic laryngitis. In the later I append three cases selected from those which I have treated, spearing off the different colonies I find the following results: All of pegihep injection flows from the left side of the heart, and more blood is drawn into the

pegihep 80 solution of nitrate of silver had been used, and his condem-

removed, and the patient made a favourable recovery.

the membrane which surrounds the lung and that lining the chest paralysis, because there are a number of secondary tracts w^hich

But even when the way is patent, there remains the question, how is respi- The third case was one in which an irregularly high Our typhoid fever; a comparative study. Coll. ,fe Clin. The bladder was thoroughly irrigated ; a drainage-tube, of about death a portion of the placenta was found protruding, and lying


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