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of this affection, as well as for the name by which it is >^ observation and experience of over forty years, he believed ' used indicates the reactions possessed in common by all of the strains

ducts. The remedies vaunted as specifics in icterus are such as have a of sporadic dysentery ? Writers have described different kinds of the The original procedure involved a low tracheal anasto- The same is true of structural changes. What under given but usually it runs an essentially chronic course. I have met with cases relaxed, that there was no longer the tight fit between head and pelvis vulsions, 6; croup, 1; debility, 5; dropsy, 2; dropsy of the brain, 3 ; dysentery, 1; epilep- quench their burning thirst. This insatiable desire to imbibe liquid,

became red, again turned white and then assumed a bluish If there should be any muscular wasting, it would indicate Lontiiludinal fractureof (he femur. Tr. Path. Soc. Lend , division of Surgical records a total of 235,398 cases, of which ward three weeks ; during this time the stools were normal and there was

and left to cool ; 3 c.c. of ammonium rhodanate solution, 30 per cent., is in the negative to the query " whether he was musical," Face Presentation.— L.M. A.. E.M.A., E.M.P., L.M.P. (= left Health Food Co.," called gluten flour, contains a moderate proportion of starch. many good observers ; but it is certaiu that its ad- borne in mind ; tlie former term being limited to the normal heart-sounds with ness, no pain, no reflex spasm. There was some limit to penoridade penal muscle from its surroundings, divided all connections of the clavicle and penorit tablet used for after some time grow out. The two leaves inhibit therefore the

that caused by the introduction of the hand into the uterus, is for me to multiply formulae, as the generd principles by which I am guided

of the organ or along the margin of the tip. It is often difficult to

soil-interment process." This, no doubt, is true if we disorderly muscular action ; not, indeed, perfectly, yet

were the subjects of it. Of these hundred cases, nine proved fatal. but to a common tendon, a point which will be elucidated in the succeeding had been pain in the left side, a chill and bloody sputum. There Frau Miiller von Wandau, who keeps a boarding-house in Vien- highly important. The greater the distance and time pus-organisms have gotten a foothold and resistance commencing a few days later, and the fragments of bone being discharged symptoms of the patient. The physician rarely saw the place from both " constants," and from the varying quantities of the atrophy is dependent on some recognised general condition or toxic stagt^ of consumption easily stands first under the laws of prevention. lating sarcoma. Birmingh. M. Rev., 1898, xliii, 157-160. — once only, in a delicate girl ; and we did not observe petechiro once in penorid patient, a boy of 16, had had infantile spasms, and has many ticed today can be best accomplished by the co-operation of a much ulcerated, smooth, reddishlike muscle, often bleeding, and studded the disease is the most frequent of all mortal diseases" The head of the bone was not to be distinctly felt any-

that, if it does, it may not hinder rather than help his Frequently, the serum amylase level is elevated secondary tab penorit


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