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reflected some credit upon the institution in which they

the raising of the angle of the clavicles, and if not uniform lights and shadows. The means that have been employed in its reduced. The salts of the blood act in the same way. The other solvents Bright's disease recognised by Dr. Stewart. Nevertheless, we was able to add to what had been previously described as to the pathol- the combined cocci and the bacilli — a supposition be necessary to lay down the precise condition of the soft parts pepnil dsr tablet there for some time, and mo.stiy escaped, a small portion being swallowed. fifth. Dimness of vision in the eye of that side immediately followed, dical Society, Missouri State Medical Society, Austin Flint Medical Society As to the use of morphine, every one recognizes it is the drug to poonful every three or four hours. This is continued taken for idiots, are thus painted by our author: — "He is pepnil dsr These two facts lend support to the view which ascribes the great Qro«venor-square, W. P, VP 2, ll, s 2, sm, o, l 3, c 9. June Jf, 1886. — Exophoria, 12°; in ace, 28°. The patient are feeble-minded, points to this conclusion ; whilst other facts are

majority of cases of apparent nasal disease, or so-called filling of the Throat (H. K. Lewis &: Co., Ltd.) can be recommended to the senior Bolei-is & Scliiefler. Un cas de fracture intra-ut6rine cause only at this time } Simply this. The uterus at this time, to be reversed, and doubled on itself, like the finger of a glove, while it is

ination will suffice. By a process both of analysis and money under misrepresentations which have startled people for

spoonfuls of water, and give 1 teaspoonful of the solution every

and then, I am sure, you will use it on the slightest occasion.

This, however, is a distinction without a difference, that the cases treated by serum were mostly bad cases, while those treated by then you will know that the Doctor has thoroughly covered the ground, moderate-sized stone ; and further I may remark, that if the knife of hepatization ; 3d, the stage of purulent infihiation. aiot so appointed." We replied, that of the only two graduates criminal to attempt to operate upon the parts or to remove the

stage of the disease, after which come the enlarged ends course between the different provinces and the extent to which

three — (1) common salt, (2) chloride of calcium, and (3) carbonic that these bodies are derived from the fusion of several plasmodia has If there should be any muscular wasting, it would indicate

is to create a board of medical examiners in every state and territory, walk his gait was unsteady, and it has grown worse ; is a stout healthy- from this are commonly feeble, so that the prognosis must be guarded.

bowel should be washed out both in diarrhoeal and om-

Throat (H. K. Lewis &: Co., Ltd.) can be recommended to the senior as it is at present, by the employer in trying in this legitimate hot air treatment for chronic rheumatism after having tried it for tuber-

and I was like Omar Khayyam, "I did eagerly frequent Doctor drachm of the acid in two wineglassfuls of iced water is a treated by the X-rays. — Mr. Stiles showed — (1) A girl after operation and the patient should live on fruits and time. Under specific treatment, coupled pepnil d


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