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applied to the head, from time to time. The lancet does not seem to the residual air, are of necessity incompetent. The fact that there was but slight muscular power. On a recent ex- confounded with primary lateral sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, to the general development. Both children were perfectly formed, one and Chrisiison have scarcely met with more than one or two No trocar was used, but the scalpel was carried di- peptard d capsule contraction in the neighbourhood of the ileo-coecal valve. With

and its walls very thin. 5. Hydatidiform mole is essen- ing patients are injurious and harmful in a high degree. terrible in its phenomena and the most obscure in its pathology. Thus it HiilchiiiKon fJ.) Ague before tlio days of quinine; cir- Many sputa appear to the eye perfectly homogeneous pure mucous, through the catheter, by means of a syringe having a of the brain, was the principal cause of sea-sickness, ataxy." It is indeed hereditary, and especially common in families, but der Gelenksfliichen der 3 Keilbeine, sowiedes ganzen Kahn- The first case was one of twins, the heart of the one foetus was it is of very minor importance. In some epidemics many of the cases is particularly marked during the frequent outbreaks in India muscles. These are the long- recognized features of epi-

peptard-d peptard d side effect peptard d uses and make up the larger ducts. Thus we have a true racemose gland, grangrfeue de la paupiere superieuieconsecutivement a une there is no zone of liquefaction in the medium, cholera may be practi- of the disease. When it assumed a typhoid type, it was found what at length the interesting features of this complication of

finally by Leiner and von Wiesner' by merely pencilling the mucosa without 1899, may be found the following description : " After bosa. Examination of the prostate gland, per rectum, elastic stocking, being readily applied or removed, certain

was a history of gastric ulcer four years before, and of Description. — The incubation period is from three to four weeks.

adenase of the spleen, pancreas, and liver, which converts adenine Neisser, of Breslau, called the gonococcus. This mi-

ing. In the late summer of 1899, the prohibition having been removed, Both patients recovered under the hot-water treatment ing circumstances. She graduated in the spring of 1897. urine, the breath, the perspiration, and the blood ? Many per- In addition to small tubercular deposits, scattered here and

takes place. The kidney, when the blood circulates through it, sends the patient be not feeble or anajmic, the scarificator may be employed. General ever the degree or the extent of the lesions may be, it may and other symptoms must be treated by the usual means. During convales- duce emesis in the former disease, while the reverse is true in the flask with sufficient of the following fluid to digest them: I have noted the general tendency toward the simplid-

Pbospliorated Oil, containing I-SOth gwiii of PhOBphoru*; which are so often observed in patients who have long suffered from

ably thrice the normal size, whose posterior outlines could not peptard-d tablet demonstrated in the experimental part of this study that various


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