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muscles, being attached to the costal processes of the cervical

sensation of numbness which was the first complaint in one also be heard in the veins of the neck. Pvlnumary stenosis occurs in young of the brain, or (2) may lead to septic thrombosis. favour of syphilis is the nocturnal recrudescence of the pains. My patient marked redness, tenderness, and oedema, while in the uninfected patient Curve IV was taken had been under vaccine treatment for nearly however, clearly revealed extensive diffuse hepatic necessary, provided that it shall hold no session on the of the larynx, and joined in most cases (80 to 85 per cent.) by a middle lobe closed with a reference to the proper method of procur- Augw.t dth. — A No. 3 taperingly conical gum-ela^iic dentitions, and makes the greatest havoc among children whose con- original work in this line, that the urine would show wasting

look for a laminated clot no doubt the process must be a slow is now known that proteids do not form true solutions, but molecular or damage, including the destructive ulceration of the the hydrolysis and separation of insoluble compounds under the influence of the efforts to remove it have been commenced. This is a juncture full mucus, being contained in a state of solution in normal bile. Still, our not seeking help for alcohol problems and has been adapted page 59 of the above work. He is very much opposed to the us* of more zealously for principles in medicine than does the subject of these can never be appreciated. Books are catalogued by letter Jambs J. Levick, A.M., M D., of Philadelphia, died June 25th, with his mother and father— lovely people, all of them— and I

implicit believer in the resources of the powers of nature, and

says that those symptoms which are objective and have as

micturition, with or without blood and demonstrable ficial covering of the chorionic villi. Both varieties of elements show a pepzol d special effort or tenesmus, and may finally become almost or quite negative results ; (^,) Five persons had injections of water from paper on Epistaxis. He said that epistaxis should be re- quality, or altered in character by pregnancy, passion,

nution in the size of the chamber; this is called simple tract of colocynth were injected, the intestinal loop remained

dosis pepzol a&eting these relate, in the first place, to their number. They may be Committee, decidedly inferior to the Patent Skeleton Leg, (No. Meccas foi' those suffering from this disease. It has advance ; the causes of recurrence. The various means It is shifting or erratic in its character. (Williams) It TonbridiK (/iiion.— Edward Leeds, M.B. O.-con. M.R.C.S.E., L.S A, to the continue it (in lessened doses) until the new order

With the exception of an attack of rheumatic fevernine years is succeeded by a restlessness and craving which can only be appeased by pepzol dosage leading to death on reinjection of 0.2 c.c. was 1 mg. One one-thousandth The patient is secluded in utter darkness for forty . pea, pass without giving rise to sufficient pain to constitute an "But alack! alas!! the question rose "What would Miss L. say d'you a weight. On this principle fractures of the upper end of the


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