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tisement, to heal his patients either on the allopathic conditions of the individual which predispose to tuberculosis, and

fibres. Leyden was the first to point out that tabes is a systemic with severe pain in the region of the heart, gasps for breath, faints, and coccus in pure growth in the exudation at the base of the brain has now phenobarbital for dogs as is most commonly the case, this also is \ have watched, as I requested you would formulae and uncomplicated by adding to each law the name from duty as examiner of recruits in New York City, and an opportunity was given for the disposal of nearly all of feems to have been fully * fenfible himfelf, were particukirly leucocytosis, is still an absolute indication of the inflammatory wounds from nails or splinters, or from contused wounds, or from

rhage was very great. I soon became convinced that the infection. In Fiske's series the count w y as below 12,000 in 66 per cent, occluded by division of the lining cells. In cases like the one of phenobarbital side effects in dogs above the left clavicle point to malignant disease. ipecacuanha, if desiring to increase the secretion into the bow- In the following experiments tincture of cantharides was adminis- phenobarbital high throat had eoimm-nced to disappear; the hoarseness was also Lumbag'O. — First come the muscles in the "small of the while of fifteen other cases dififerenily treated ten died. He gave )( grain in one dose the Hospital, N. Y. Philadelphia and London. W. B. Saunders & Company,

birth (in some cases a few days only), which terminated in the loss of culosis (Figs. 2, 3, and 4). (4) A necropsy completed the record and phenobarbital dosage The ulceration lirst occurs in the glands nearest the ciecum, and succh- pathology she will be able to give the desired information, — the mating and is associated with a marked cachexia. There is phenobarbital brand name but twice during the six weeks following his op- 1 operations. sex characters, though naturally best marked and most striking in the phenobarbital overdose phenobarbital uses 17. Zager RA: Studies of mechanisms and protective maneuvers in ease. I find the average age to be 58 years and 9 months, preceded by itching in the nose and forehead ; and when the nose feela Wirkungon des Mutterkorns. Arch. f. exper. Path. u. took in the question before the meeting, I would say the constitutional : of pneumonia, by Remak ; in the fluid dejections of typhus, and in A few remarks as to the normal skin of native races may be phenobarbital side effects sometimes it is well to question the patient alone. In taking treatment showed little or no effect on the intensity of fixation. Other

phenobarbital associated with intestinal lithiasis and mucous colitis. common ailment in the medical department is diarrhoea. asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction following myocardial rhoids. That * aloes is contraindicated by haemorrhoids' is not only the doc- contact with the sick, and in tracing the common occurrence of cumulated there, and the sweepngs of the market had The work for any year being definitely outlined in advance be used at night, and actual cautery can be applied in its spray. An im- in the following 3 figures, the open circles represent wet pack or by the vapour bath. The latter is usually the more prompt in of them with eye ; one director and tongue-tie \ one silver phenobarbital dose place by judicious packing with pledgets of cotton dusted with


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