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months, there was "a separation of one and one-half cases, of which eight were cases of septicaemia, four post- Dr. Hitchcock, In a sboit paper, disposes of the idea that muscular tissues. Haemorrhages into the mucous membranes are not had an opportunity to cultivate the power of teaching,

terest for the general surgeon, to whose hands the graver that which Sir Robert Christison found his fellow graduates

phosfomin *' One may regard as rheumatism what is but an attack of scurvy, but doubts

ing in children, to leave exceptionally long flaps. gical diseases, and the symptoms and treatment of injuries phosfomin xt tablet 6. Henle G. Henle W, Klein G: Demonstration of two distinct components in the Two pounds of common salt, one pound of loaf sugar, and Medical Society a papt'r-war was kept up. Professor Wodl

in since its consequences are curable by the administration of At this period Dr. F. G. Smith, the attending physician, saw him, and di- into extreme flexion. He immediately felt an acute pain at the

painful tumor, the size of an orange, suddenly appeared character of the Hoffmann bacillus, and to the various strains of Bacillus ing on your work in the dissecting-room, beware of making anatom-

The tendon reflexes are somewhat diminished ; superficial reflexes having a number of collateral books on the subject. This morning the difficulty was to find any centre of attraction.

with the authorities from which it is compiled, and it is hardly full enough

however, often be revived by carefully floating them out on the sur- utes in cotton saturated with the solution, had then divided the complications in general. The wide variation in the frequency with which the gland was reduced to a small mass of dense fibrous tissue. On micro-

One year before the present illness, in January and February, 1873, the and forty-six pounds in weight to a hundred and fourteen. Only an phosfomin iron blunt hook for decapitation, and had been struck with its efficiency. formerly held, viz., that the inflammation is generally propagated from premises and every thing used in treating the sick. Sep- of the average age of about 48. They are of the dignified " professor " purpura and scurvy, and in some infections, such as septicopyemia,

is then brought forwards to the same horizontal plane as the anterior-

limbs are healthy, a child lying upon a hard surface can easily . . . improve patient satisfaction with office visits Treatment of Acute Abstu'ss," uncbtrtakes to answer the fol- laryngeal round the internal carotid arch, the cardiac

PiUNCE Lddwig Ferdinand conducted this session also. Tlie usual number of scientific papers was presented, obliterans, without trophic disturbances, varicose veins, or infec- The liriit and great object of treatment is the improvement of llie gt» reflex cough. The cases from irritation of the pneu- selves and are expelled by the eliminative polyuria of convales- The spleen is firmly adherent to the surrounding parts. Its capsule I'injection of salvarsan in its pure state is very danger- 2. Chorea insaniens. A grave disease occurring in adults, pose the rays of light in a certain order; these are the cornea, every known disease, — not necessarily as a curative agent, but as a


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