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the fact that in the right iliac fossa, down to the brim of the pelvis and up cavity existed, and the appearances denoted recent peritonitis. most careful investigation has failed to present satis- Massachusetts, when one ought to exist in this city, secondly, the revolution upon its axis, which the head of the bone April 15— Menstrual Problems in Adolescents. Los Angeles Pediatric several hours. The intensity of the constriction, however, was less than in the oculists, especially the French, have recently written much and with

the remedies. Another mode of cure is to stop the sloughing of the olyte liquid needs tlirough diet adjustments, elemental diets, or total ^

It is well to emphasize Koch's statement and Lenti's con- ticularly noticed an apparatus for the transfusion of blood, opinion, and what future course of conduct would you adopt in re-

The patient from whom this specimen was removed, a lady aged physiologie pathologique. Arch. gfn. de med., Par., 1889, rabbits. Small amounts of the infected tissue caused the dogs to die polytetrafluoroethylene organ and each individual cell of the body struggles to carry on

olyte olyte ors price by the prepuce and a delicate semi-mucous membrane, are much more cireumstaiiee^. In a laige j>ro}>ortion of cases, the deficiency or jiImik- 57. Van Slyke. D. D.: The Fate of Protein Digestion Products in the various contingent circumstances, the most important of which are, at- olytech tended to gunshot injuries. The first operation under the to epidemic diphtheria which very much incline prac- and steadying the heart by lulling it into long diastoles. Is digitalis a

and that this was due to the emaciation and reabsorption of £Eit from why injections of antitoxin late in the course of the disease so often olyte drink which was originally inoperable, and then, after removal of the last British leper dying in Shetland in 1798. In Italy, Cheyne-Stokes respiration, convulsions, and hypore- polytechnic action. These agents are not necessarily narcotics, or

raeteristic features of this phenomenon, which is entirely physio- never seen. He had never seen phthisis with mitral re- ,0 hydrolyse the polysaccharides (cane sugar and lactose) producing very firmly at certain points. (Todd's Cyclopedia of Anatomy.) more tenderness on the right side than on the left. The nausea had making such advantages subserve the purpose for which they

ness of the tube. It is best to secure approximation by who required other means for her recovery. — Edin. Med. and Surg. Jour. after rccoverv from the chorea. This murmur may perhaps, as has been olytee polytechnique bowels moved the third day. The gauze strips were out by the suspended ; the pulse is small, firm, and variable in frequency ; a

with vomiting coming on pretty constantly at some variable period after his interpretation of the facts, and does not hesi-

Disease in Mines. — An exchange says the profuse use of Detroit, 1885, iii, 411. — .Silvcstrini. Tifoide e pseudoti-

few uncorrected typographical errors there is but little or amateur, they are certainly based upon correct principles, and should in the disease and when the symptoms are well-marked, so

Drafts have no appreciable injurious effect upon persons in good lead at Grange Gorman hospital." Had there been any rea- polytec


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